Dolphins-Chiefs: Miami Wins Frozen Shootout with Chiefs

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2008

The Miami Dolphins came into this game having not allowed a touchdown in three weeks, only to surrender 31 points but still come away with the victory. The play of Ricky Williams, Chad Pennington, and Anthony Fasano was amazing. Those three accounted for four of the Dolphins' five touchdowns. 

The offense has proven it can play in cold weather (granted, it was a mediocre Chiefs defense) and hopefully can take that into next week against the New York Jets. The temperature was 10º F and -12º on the wind-chill factor. The Dolphins still found ways to move the ball and put it into the end zone.

The cold-weather defense was horrific though. If the Dolphins' defense plays this way against the Jets, you can bet that the Jets will win the game. Blown coverage and missed tackles are to blame for the Dolphins even allowing the Chiefs to be in the game.

Linebackers and the rest of the defense were acting as though they were afraid to get hit. That is the wrong way to play in cold weather. When it's cold out, you've just gotta' out-muscle the other team and quit the pansy play. 

The special-teams unit did step up, though, and perhaps the Dolphins have found a new returner in Patrick Cobbs? Cobbs made some big returns as he showed off his wheels. The coverage unit didn't allow any big plays. 

Once again, though, we are failing to see the three units playing together in harmony. The Dolphins need their offense, defense, and special teams to show up together at the same game. That combination wins championships, while one can win a single game. 

Regardless of the outcome of Jets @ Seahawks game, the Dolphins still have to beat the Jets next week to make the playoffs because it is now impossible for the Dolphins to get a wild-card bid.

Let's see some extra football this year. GO PHINS!