11 Wins Isn't Enough? Can Someone Please Help The New England Patriots?

Sean CroweSenior Writer IDecember 21, 2008

Good God I hate Herm Edwards.

He might be the worst head coach not named Norv Turner in NFL history.

The Patriots need help from the Chiefs to make the playoffs. The Chiefs look like they’re going to give them some of the help they need by beating the Dolphins.

How was it happening? Larry Johnson was rushing for 9 yards per carry, just completely beating the life out of the Dolphins. The Dolphins never had an answer. They couldn’t do anything. It was pathetic.

Then, apparently, Larry Johnson dropped dead at halftime.

That’s what happened, right? Otherwise, why would Herm have ignored him in the second half? Why would he only have 12 carries? Why?

Why is your quarterback dropping back to pass on fourth and one when your team is averaging over 8 yards per carry no matter who runs the ball? Why?

Herm Edwards you flaming moron. You’re officially on my list if the Patriots don’t make the playoffs. Right next to whomever sent in a pass play at the end of the Bills-Jets game last week.

Seriously, Herm. Did you not want to win? I thought you play to win the game? Herm? Is it just bottled up hatred against your former AFC East competitors? Did Belichick pick on you as a child?

I’m at a loss. How is this explained?

I HATE rooting for non-Patriots teams. I hate having to root for teams with coaches like Herm Edwards and Wade Phillips (as I’ve had to do the last two days).

Someone… Please…. Fire Herm Edwards so I’m not put into this situation again. Please.

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