Fantasy SmackDown 11/24/11

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Fantasy SmackDown 11/24/11

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    Welcome to this special Thanksgiving weekend edition of Fantasy SmackDown. 

    Kevin Berge and I have had a pretty busy week with writing up last week's show, our matches for Survivor Series, writing this week's show and, of course, Thanksgiving holiday. Lucky for you readers, we have come up with yet another masterful show.

    Without further ado, here is this week's edition of Fantasy SmackDown. 

Opening Segment

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    Pyros flash as the night begins, with Matt Striker and John Matthews welcoming us to the show.

    They try to get out a few words about Sunday's pay-per-view, but they are drowned out by the monstrous ovation from the crowd in Pennsylvania as CM Punk comes out with his new WWE Championship in hand.

    He makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. He then sits himself in the center of the ring and begins.

    Punk: "You know, I remember when I was a kid watching Shawn Michaels in the middle of this ring laying it all on the line. I still remember seeing his phenomenal matches with Bret Hart as they battled over the grandest prize in sport entertainment, the WWE Championship. Those two went out there each week and showed the world what it means to be a WWE Champion, and they sure weren't the only ones.

    Every man who has ever held this title knows what it means. This is the pinnacle. This is the title that makes you the greatest superstar in WWE. From Bruno Sammartino to Stone Cold Steve Austin to me. This title is the pinnacle. I promise each and every one of you that I will carry this championship with honor, respect, and even a bit of swagger. Because I am a wrestler. I have waited for this day, to become WWE Champion, and no one will take it away from me.

    Now, as the face of SmackDown, I have quite a few changes I plan to bring to this company. I can't be the only one who wants some fun around here again. First order of business, of course, has to deal with Michael Cole. Why that poor man's excuse for an announcer even still has a job baffles me...."

    Michael Cole: "Punk, Punk!"

    Cole comes out from the back with microphone firmly in hand and the Miz at his side.

    Cole: "I think we have all had enough of your acceptance speech. The only one here who should ever take up more than a few minutes talking is me. Now, you may hold that champion, for now, but that gives you no right to take over this company. I am still in complete control of this brand. You will never take me down."

    Punk: "I beg to differ. You and you stooge will go down faster than you can imagine now that I have control. A company may be typically run by a general manager, but, with all the gold in my hands, I have enough power to do what I want when I want. All you can do is book me in matches."

    Miz: "You're so sure of yourself, Punk. You think that you can run around, calling stars like me 'stooges' and make claims that you will change a business just by holding that championship. Face it, Punk, the WWE is a much bigger entity than you and that title. Don't fool yourself by thinking otherwise."

    Punk: "I'm sorry, Boris Badenov. Were you speaking? I was trying to talk to Fearless Leader."

    Cole: "Look, Punk. That's enough of you clever quips..."

    Punk: "Wait, so you actually understood that one? I thought you only watched videos of yourself talking and knew what happened on Twitter."

    Cole: "Okay, that's it. Tonight, you're going to defend that WWE Title against... John Cena again. This time though, there will be a special guest referee... Dolph Ziggler."

    Cole grins and stops talking. Punk glares back, looking strangely bemused by the idea of the match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara Azul

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    We return to the show with Sin Cara Azul coming out. He looks as focused as ever.
    He followed after a short delay by Alberto Del Rio, who looks a bit banged up from Survivor Series, where he lost a chance at the Intercontinental Championship. He has his typical grin on his face, but there is something in his eyes, almost agitation or anger.

    The two look at one another, ready to begin, and the referee rings the bell. Right away, Del Rio charges for Cara only for him to hit a perfect dropkick. Del Rio gets back up, looking a bit more annoyed. This time, when he goes to hit Cara, he gets caught with a hurrincanrana, which launches him outside of the ring.

    He tries to catch his breath, only for Sin Cara to hit a huge suicide dive to Del Rio launches both into the ground on the outside. Cara makes it back inside at six, while Del Rio takes until eight; however, Del Rio then leaves the ring again, staring down Sin Cara.

    When Sin Cara follows, Del Rio him with a clothesline. Then Del Rio takes Sin Cara's right arm and throws it headlong into the ring post. With Azul in physical pain, Del Rio takes him up and again slams the arm, this time onto the barricade.

    Both men eventually get back in the ring, with Del Rio continuing his onslaught on the arm. He hits a double knee armbreaker and then puts Cara in an arm bar. Del Rio keeps control of Sin Cara for several minutes with some rest holds and powerful hits, especially on the arm.

    Finally feeling that he has the match in his grasp, he puts Sin Cara in position for the Cross Armbreaker; however, Cara reverses it into a headscissors takedown. Cara then waits for him to rise and then hits his handspring back elbow.

    Sin Cara Azul goes to the top rope and prepares his moonsault side slam when Sin Cara Negro comes out of nowhere, distracting Azul long enough for Del Rio to hit a step up enzuigiri. Sin Cara Azul lands hard. Del Rio then locks in the Cross Armbreaker, with Sin Cara tapping after a few seconds.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Alberto Del Rio."

    Del Rio celebrates as Negro looks on, seeming pleased. Azul is obviously in pain, having trouble even standing using the arm to stand.

Backstage Segment: Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder

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    We go to a shot of Justin Gabriel in the back talking to Zack Ryder before his contest for the evening. They are discussing the possibility of Gabriel getting another shot at the Cruiserweight championship.

    Ryder enters the frame.

    Ryder: “What’s up, bro? How you doing?”

    Gabriel: “I’m doing good, man; how you doing?”

    Ryder: “I’m doing good, bro. Listen, I just wanted to come in here and say that I know we were both going after the cruiserweight title at one point, and some of the things we said to each other might have just been the opportunity getting to our heads, but I just wanted to let you know that you got robbed this past Sunday. You had that match won, and Christian just had to play dirty in order to win.”

    Gabriel: “I appreciate that, man. But you know, it just helps me to know that Christian had to cheat to win. He knows he can’t beat me without playing dirty. I’ll get another shot at the Cruiserweight Championship eventually. When I do, Christian will know what it’s like to have everything taken away from him.”

    Ryder: “You know it. But I gotta go. Check ya later, broski.”

    Ryder leaves the room, leaving Gabriel alone by himself. Suddenly, someone comes up behind him and says “Hey, Justin.”

    Justin turns around and is met with a steel chair shot to the head, knocking him out cold.  The camera pans up to see the attacker, and we see Christian standing over the top of Gabriel with an evil laugh and a half smirk. He bends down so his face is right up on Gabriel’s and delivers this message.

    Christian: “You really want another shot at me, you got it chump.”

    Christian walks away, leaving Gabriel lying on the floor incapacitated.

Zack Ryder vs. Curt Hawkins

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    The show returns from commercial to a fairly solid pop as Zack Ryder comes out. He is playing to the crowd with energy and his signatures.

    He enters the ring and awaits the sound of Curt Hawkins entering. As Hawkins walks down the ramp, he pumps his fist in the air, taunting Ryder by saying “woo, woo, woo” as over the top as possible. As he continues down the ramp, he amusedly puts the LI sign toward the crowd.

    When he gets in the ring, he smirks smugly at Ryder, and the two stare down until the bell.

    Ryder calls for a lock up, but Hawkins gets him in the gut and throws him down. He stomps on Ryder and then aggressively grabs him for a headlock.

    Ryder struggles and eventually gets to his feet, only for Hawkins to grab Ryder and hit a belly to back suplex. With Ryder on the ground, Hawkins taunts to the crowd, pumping his fist and going to the top rope. He tries to hit a diving elbow drop only for Ryder to duck out of the way.

    Hawkins lands hard and is in pain. He rolls to the corner with Ryder taunting and hitting the Broski Boot. He covers: ..1….2.. kickout. Ryder picks up Hawkins and tries to hit a dropkick, but Hawkins bats it down.

    Hawkins picks up Ryder and hits a twisting delayed scoop slam, and he covers: ..1….2… kick out. Furious, Hawkins picks up Ryder and puts in a headlock, hitting him in the skull with a flurry of punches.

    He then takes him up and hits a twisting spinebuster, but he covers for only two. He gets up, hearing Ryder chants in the crowd, and he freaks out. He drags Ryder into the corner and tries to choke him out; however, Ryder grabs the foot and throws Hawkins head first into the ring post.

    Ryder plays to the crowd and goes to the top rope. He hits a flying forearm smash for a two count and then calls for the Rough Ryder. He runs for the move only to get dodged by Hawkins, who then hits the Taste of Pain.

    He is ready to cover, but the Ryder chants tick him off even more. He goes out of the ring and puts on Ryder’s sunglasses. He goes up to a random kid, and he says “woo, woo, woo, you’re an idiot”. He throws the sunglasses onto the ground, gets back in the ring and he measures Ryder for another move.

    As he sets up Ryder in a DDT position, Ryder rolls through into a roll up: ..1….2….3.

    Tony Chimel: “The winner of this match, Zack Ryder.”

    Curt Hawkins is absolutely going out of his mind as Ryder grabs his headband and moves quickly up to the top of the ramp. He puts on the headband, and he celebrates with a random kid in the crowd as Hawkins is losing it in the ring. We go to commercial break.

Daniel Bryan Promo

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    Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring with a stern look on his face.  As he makes his way to the ring, we hear Josh Matthews and Matt Striker on commentary.

    Matthews: “Here comes Daniel Bryan, Matt, and he certainly doesn’t look happy tonight.”

    Striker: “I would think not.  For some reason, this past Sunday at Survivor Series, Bryan was nowhere to be found during the 5-on-5 elimination tag match he was scheduled to compete in.”

    Matthews: “That’s right, Matt. Maybe we’ll get an explanation out of him here tonight as to why he wasn’t there and was replaced by Jimmy Uso.”

    Bryan calls for a mic and begins to address the audience.

    Bryan: “For those  of you who watched Survivor Series and didn’t see me compete in the elimination tag team match, let me explain. You see, right before I was about to head out to the ring, team captain Miz came into my locker room and told me that he personally decided that I was not worthy of being on the team, so he decided to replace me with Jimmy Uso, a guy who hasn’t wrestled in months and has spent his time managing tag teams lately.”

    “I am not happy about what happened, but I have to accept it. I get it. Miz and Michael Cole are best friends, and neither of them like me because they are scared of what I can do. Miz merely didn't want me to show him up in the match; I get that. Just now, I have all this energy that I didn’t get to burn off on Sunday and need to do something.

    So at this time, I’d like to ask Kurt Angle to come out here and tell me what my next challenge from him is since I didn’t get to fullfill his last challenge. So Kurt, what do you have for me?”

    A few moments pass with silence before Kurt Angle’s music hits to a solid ovation from the crowd. Angle has a mic in hand and begins to speak to Bryan.

    Angle: “Look, Daniel, I don’t know what you want from me. I gave you the challenge and you failed it. Why should I waste my time on you if you can’t even convince the Miz to let you into a 10-man tag team match?”

    Bryan: “Kurt, you need to understand, it wasn’t my decision. There was nothing I could do about it.”

    Angle: “Oh, there was something you could have done. Someone tells you you can’t do something or denies you an opportunity, you snap on that submission hold of yours and force him to give you your shot. You can’t constantly wait for people to give you a shot; you have to take it from them. You know from experience that that’s what I’m best known for, making people give me what I want. Oh it’s true. It’s damn true. I issued the challenge and you failed, so I’m done with you. You’re hopeless.”

    Angle starts to walk towards the backstage area, but is stopped when Bryan says this.

    Bryan: “Listen, Kurt, don’t you dare walk away from me when I’m trying to talk to you.”  Angle turns around and has a rather stunned look on his face.

    Bryan continues: “You’ve come out here and said that I need to prove myself to you.  Honestly, I think you’re full of it. But the truth is, I respect the hell out of you. You’re one of the best pure wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. Now you said that I’ve lost my edge, that I’m taking a backseat while everyone else is passing me by.

    I’m telling you, that if you want me to prove myself, give me your best shot. I’ll take anything you throw at me and I will come out on top. Right now, I’m extremely angry at Miz, but since I know Cole won’t let me get my hands on him until later, I need another person to beat up on.  Why not make it you?”

    Angle snickers and retaliates: “Daniel, I don’t need to prove anything to you. I’ve already beaten you once and nearly snapped your ankle in two, in case you forgot. Why would I waste my time fighting you?”

    Bryan: “You’re right, you have beaten me before. Since you won’t fight me, give me somebody to fight. Give me a chance to prove myself to you.”

    Angle: “ Alright, Daniel. I’ll give you a shot. Obviously I don’t have anything lined up for you right now, but next week, prepare to engage in the toughest battle of your life. You better bring it. No backing out, no excuses. You fail this test, I will have given up all hope for you.”

    Bryan: “Oh, don’t you worry your shiny bald head Kurt, I’ll be ready. Bring everything you’ve got.”

    Angle walks away without so much as a glance back at Bryan. Bryan remains in the ring with fire in his eyes, staring at a hole where Angle once stood.

Backstage Segment: CM Punk

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    We are backstage as CM Punk is entering his locker room. He sees a strange note sitting on a table in the room.

    He goes over to it to see that it has a DVD attached to it. He puts in the disk as he reads the note:

    “Congratulations on No. 5.”

    The DVD immediately begins showing Edge being attacked by Batista. As Batista leaves, Punk comes out and runs to the ring, cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    The crowd is in shock but cheering all the same as Punk hits Edge with the GTS and pins him for the three count.

    The audience is cheering as Punk is celebrating his first World Title win.

    Punk stops the disk, confused. He has a look of contemplation on his face, unsure how to take the message.

    He looks at the note further, trying to find anything distinguishing about the letter, but he doesn't see a thing.

Maryse vs. Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim starts to make her way to the ring to a mixed reaction based on the events that transpired last week. Some cheers can be faintly heard, but it’s more boos and silence than Kim is used to, causing her to have a worried look on her face. 

    Maryse comes out to a moderate pop, showing a massive scowl on her face. She immediately rips off her jacket and storms into the ring, looking to fight Kim before the bell even rings. The referee has to restrain Maryse before she can get her hands on Kim.  Finally, the chaos is settled and the match begins. 

    Maryse wastes no time, starting to pound away on Kim. She takes her down with a tackle and starts to slap her around. She grabs Kim’s hair and starts mashing her head on the the mat, causing the ref to once again look to break up the attack. Maryse refuses to let go of Kim’s hair, forcing the ref to call for the bell and end the match in a disqualification. 

    Kim is still down on the ground as Maryse starts to leave the ring. She looks back at Kim and charges after her again. Just as she’s about to attack Kim again, the lights cut out.  Maryse starts frantically yelling, asking for the attacker to show their face. 

    Before you know it, the lights are back on. Maryse is still standing in the ring, unharmed.  She begins to look around her and notices that Kim has vanished.  Where her body once lay, a white blanket is draped across the canvas with another message written on it. 

    This message reads: “ Domination, Manipulation: CONTROL”

    Maryse is in shock. She has no idea what to think and starts to ponder the events that have just occurred. She calls for a microphone and starts to speak.

    Maryse: “OK, Gail.  I get it. You have this all figured out, don’t you? Well, if you want to run away like a coward, I’ll just have to come back there and find you and give you exactly what you deserve.”

    She storms off towards the backstage area. A camera is following her in her hot pursuit of Gail Kim. She begins asking equipment personnel where Kim is, but has nothing to show for it. As she turns the corner, she is met by Natalya and Eve Torres.

    Natalya: “Maryse, what the heck happened out there?”

    Maryse: “Didn’t you see it? That little harlet ran away before I had the chance to give her what she deserves. Now, where is she?”

    Eve: “We have no idea. We’ll help you find her and then the three of us can take care of business.”

    The three divas carry on their search as we head to commercial. 

Backstage: Divas

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    In Michael Cole’s office, Miz and Cole are chit chatting about how awesome the Miz is when they are interrupted by Maryse, Natalya and Eve Torres.

    Natalya: “Michael, sorry to interrupt, but have you seen Gail Kim? She escaped before Maryse had the chance to teach her a lesson.”

    Miz: “Really? Maryse is going to teach somebody a lesson? Oh, I’d like to see that happen.”

    Maryse, with a slight smile on her face: “Ha, well, if you help me find Gail Kim, I’d be happy to let you watch as he punish her.”

    Miz: “Cole, please tell me you know where Kim is.”

    Cole: “Sorry.  Haven’t seen her all night. But if you three can’t find her tonight, I’d be happy to set up a three-on-one handicap match for you next week. That way, you can really teach her a lesson.”

    Natalya: “We’ll keep that in mind.  Let’s go, girls.”

    Maryse and Miz are still in frame as Natalya and Eve walk away. A few seconds of googlie eyes later, Maryse is pulled away by Natalya, leaving Miz looking sad in frame.

In Ring Promo: Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes is making his way out to the ring, sporting his brand new Intercontinental Championship around his waist. He struts his stuff towards the ring and demands a microphone.

    Rhodes: “Take a good look, ladies and gentlemen. I am your new Intercontinental Champion. Go ahead, it’s OK to stare. I don’t blame you for wanting to stare at me.  Honestly, when I looked in the mirror this morning and saw this brand new Intercontinental title wrapped around my waist, I could barely get away from the mirror. I mean look at me.  Me and this pretty championship seem like we were destined to be together. Obviously, destiny has been fullfilled. 

    No, I’m not talking about the same ‘destiny’ Alberto Del Rio does all the time, because when I say it, it actually means something. 

    Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering, ‘Cody, what did you do to celebrate your glorious victory?’ Well, let me tell you.  I...”

    John Morrison’s music hits, and he has a microphone in hand, slowly making his way to the ring.

    Morrison: “Oh, good god, Cody. Nobody cares. Nobody cares what you did to celebrate after winning Sunday, nobody cares about how long you look at your ugly face in the mirror every morning and, quite frankly, nobody cares about you in general. You’re an idiot, and all these people know that.”

    Rhodes: “You’re one to talk, you wear a leather jacket that is two sizes too small and t-shirts that are atroshious to the human eye.”

    Morrison: “Really? That’s what you’re going with? Whatever, I’m just here to tell you that you should really check your ego at the door before somebody decides to knock your teeth in.”

    Rhodes: “As I recall, John, you, Big Show and Alberto Del Rio all had that chance on Sunday, but all three of you failed. Face it, John, I’m untouchable.”

    Morrison: “You’re right. You are untouchable. At least that’s what all the women that you hit on say as they walk away. But we’re getting off topic here. Let me just say, you won on Sunday. Good for you. You say your opportunity and you took, helping you win the Intercontinental Championship. Congrats. 

    Now, I’m here to tell you that I’m going to be the guy who makes sure you don’t hold on to your precious championship.”

    Rhodes: “Ha ha ha. You slay me, really you do. What makes you think I’ll give you that chance? You have yet to give me a reason for grant you a title shot.”

    Morrison laughs out loud and delivers a strong right hand to Rhodes, knocking him out of the ring. Rhodes gets right back up and runs up the ramp, looking back at Morrison who has another microphone in his hand.

    Morrison: “Run away all you want, Rhodes. Eventually, I will have my shot at that pretty little title you love so much.”

    Rhodes has no response and retreats to the locker room area, leaving Morrison alone in the ring to a moderate pop from the crowd. 

Jack Swagger and Ted DiBiase vs. Santino and ?

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    Jack Swagger and Ted DiBiase are now making their way to the ring, being accompanied by their new found mentor, Jimmy Uso. They jump into the ring, looking to take on their latest challenge to tag team supremacy.

    Santino comes out next to a pretty good reaction from the crowd. He is looking to avenge the losses to Swagger and DiBiase as of late, as he has found a new tag team partner to thwart the uprising of the tag team.

    Big Show comes out next to a great ovation from the audience. Instead of his usual smile, Big Show has a mean scowl on his face after the way his match at Survivor Series ended in defeat for him. He storms to the ring, and Swagger and DiBiase immediately retreat from the ring, but Uso refuses to move.

    Show looks almost impressed by Uso’s stand and nods his head in approval. He turns around, but then turns back around and delivers a knockout punch to the jaw of Uso. 

    Swagger and DiBiase are furious at Show, so they hop back in the ring and attack the seven foot giant, taking him off of his feet. Santino jumps into the ring, looking to help his suppose to be tag team partner for the night. 

    After a few good shots to the head of Swagger, Santino is feeling good. He starts to set up for the Cobra, launching it in the way of DiBiase once he comes off of Big Show, failing to connect as Ted ducks out of the way. Ted, in return, takes out Santino with a suplex that sends him to the outside of the ring, allowing him to rejoin Swagger and their attack on Big Show. 

    Swagger has had enough, as he has physically demolished Big Show. He looks at Ted and nods his head, sending some sort of message to him without words. DiBiase goes back to attacking Show, while Swagger goes to the outside looking for a weapon of some sort under the ring. He eventually finds what he is looking for and goes back into the ring with a kendo stick. 

    He orders DiBiase off of Big Show and is about to start delivering blows to Show when Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston come charging down the ramp, looking to halt any plan DiBiase and Swagger had.

    Air Boom jumps into the ring and begins delivering blows to Swagger and DiBiase, who are shocked at what’s going on. Bourne and Kingston both bounce off of the ropes and deliver thunderous dropkicks to Swagger and DiBiase, who are now rolling onto the outside of the ring. 

    Kingston and Bourne are both preparing to launch themselves to the outside, but aren’t able to before Swagger and DiBiase escape through the crowd, leaving Air Boom in the ring to look after Big Show to a huge pop from the crowd.  they are shown trying to help the giant to his feet as we head to commercial. 

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler

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    We return with Ziggler heading toward Michael Cole’s general manager office. He heads inside without a knock and sees Cole sitting at his computer at a solitary desk.

    Cole: “What in this world would ever cause you to barge into my office? I have no patience for rude entertainers. Next time, you knock and wait to be welcomed in.”

    Ziggler: “I have no time for your trivialities, Cole. You know why I’m here.”

    Cole: “I assume you’re here to thank me for making you the special guest referee for the WWE Championship match.”

    Ziggler: “Why would I ever thank you for that? I stand here before you as a veteran looking for a chance and an opportunity. Instead of booking me in a match, you make me a referee for a match that I would prefer to be involved in.

    Cena beat me by sheer luck and shoddy officiating in the championship tournament, and he lost on Sunday. I should be considered as deserving of a match for that title as Cena, yet I won’t be wrestling tonight, which is a horrible business decision, as the best performer in the business stands on the sideline.”

    Cole: “Before you go on, let me say something. I agree that you deserve a shot at that title. In fact, I plan to give you the next shot at the champion under one condition.”

    Ziggler: “I have a feeling I know where you’re going with this.”

    Cole: “Good, now get rid of that camera so we can figure out how this deal will go down.”

    Ziggler stares at the cameraman, who backs up and leaves.

WWE Championship: (c) CM Punk vs. John Cena; Guest Ref Dolph Ziggler

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    The commercials end, and we are greeted by a raucous crowd. Dolph Ziggler enters in a referee get up with a grin on his face. He looked as if he had knowledge that was beyond the crowd’s comprehension.

    They are extremely mixed in their reaction to John Cena, who enters with a smile on his face, looking surprisingly pleased with his situation even though he had just lost the WWE Title earlier that week.

    His quick entrance is followed by CM Punk, who again is greeted by massive cheers as he was earlier in the night. He comes into the ring quickly looking focused and ready for anything.

    Just before the bell rings, The Miz hits the stage with Michael Cole behind him. They walk confidently toward the commentary booth. Both men take up commentary headsets and begin talking immediately about how big this match is and why they needed to see it firsthand.

    The bell rings, and the two lock up. Punk, obviously the weaker of the two, has to start at Cena’s knee to try and get the upper hand. Cena is visibly losing his footing from the kicks. He throws Punk backwards, who lands hard on his head.

    Cena puts Punk in a headlock, who slowly begins to fade from the pressure. He gets to the ropes, and the referee forces Cena to break the hold. Punk gets up, and the two once again face off. As Cena tries to reach Punk, Punk throws out some close roundhouse kicks.

    Cena dodges them and backs up. As Punk grabs Cena, he gets caught by Cena, who hits a suplex that takes Punk down again. Cena latches on a armbar. After a minute of struggling, Punk actually manages to reverse the move into the Anaconda Vice.

    Cena is struggling, and Cole looks on with a worried look. He takes off his mic, and he walks toward where Punk is. Punk looks on smugly, but he eases up the move enough for Cena to pull himself to the ropes.

    Punk must let up the move, and he gets up only to start kicking at a downed Cena. Ziggler, as referee, has to pull Punk off, who won’t let up after a count of four. He seems to be acting normally as a referee, but Punk doesn’t trust him and starts complaining about being pulled off.

    Cena comes from behind and rolls up Punk: ..1..2.. kick out. As Punk and Cena try to rise again, Cole looks at Ziggler as if to question why he didn’t count three. Ziggler motions back that it was only two.

    Cena is up first and grabs a hold of Punk, hitting him with a gutwrench. However, again, he only gets a two count. He goes up to the top rope for his leg drop, but he is caught in mid air by Punk, who gets him in position for the GTS. He hits it to the crowd’s delight.

    He goes to cover: ..1….2…. kick out. Punk complains to Ziggler that his count was too slow, and Cole looks on, pleased. Punk looks to turn back around and deal with Cena, but he then hits a huge roundhouse kick, knocking Ziggler out for a few minutes.

    When he does, Cena uses the distraction to hit a spinebuster. Noticing that the referee is down, he decided to go for the leg drop again instead of covering. He hits it and then waits for Punk to rise. He hits two big shoulder blocks then goes for the five knuckle shuffle.

    Punk rolls out of the ring as Cena is about to hit it, taunting Cena as though pointing at a watch (saying it was too slow). Miz comes from behind and throws Punk right into the ring post.

    Cena is motioning to Miz, asking him what he is doing, but he doesn’t stop.

    He again grabs Punk and drops him on the barricade. Cena comes in and takes out Miz. He knows that he can’t do anything about what is going on, so he rolls Punk back into the ring. Ziggler is up, and Cena gets Punk in position for the AA, hitting it.

    There is no way that Punk will kick out, and Cena is about to cover him when Ziggler pulls him up.

    Confused, Cena questions him suddenly getting hit with a Zig Kick. Miz and Cole are furious as Ziggler rolls Punk on top of Cena and counts: 1..2….3.

    The bell rings, and Ziggler goes to grab the belt.

    Tony Chimel: “The winner of this match and still WWE Champion, CM Punk.”

    Ziggler goes right past Cole as he takes the belt and rolls back into the ring. He takes the belt and looks to hand it to a tired Punk. However, just as he is about to hand the title over, Ziggler stops and looks down at the belt.

    Punk is ready for anything when Ziggler drops the belt in front of Punk and leaves. Everyone seems confused by Ziggler’s actions as he walks to the top of the ramp. Cole especially looks furious. Ziggler grins, and the show ends.

And That's Our Show

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    That's our show for this week.

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