Seahawk's Roundtable Week 16

Aaron LinkemyerContributor IDecember 21, 2008

As the Seattle Seahawks gear up to play the Jets, we finally gear up after a two week absence and put together the round table for week 16. Much thanks to Lars and Mosang.

It is getting close to the end of the season with Seneca Wallace playing well. Do you think the coaches will be more creative with the play calling, maybe test Seneca a little more?

Mosang Miles: While I see no harm in letting Seneca have a little fun, I don't see the coaching staff mixing up the game plan too much.  Holmgren has always played it conservatively with Seneca, and I see no reason for that to change now—though with the Jets' poor pass defense, the ball will definitely be in his hands often.

Lars Hanson:Yes I think they will test Seneca a little more and also I think they will get the Branch-Wallace connection more and more.

With Wallace's improvement these last few weeks, do you think we should still be looking at a young QB this upcoming draft?

Mosang Miles: Yes, the Seahawks should still have their eyes open for a young QB they can groom behind Hasselbeck.  Despite his fine play the last two weeks, I just don't see Seneca as a franchise quarterback.  It'd be great if he could prove me wrong these last two games, but he's had a few starting stints now that haven't been that impressive.

Lars Hanson:It depends on a few things. One were the Seahawks pick in the draft (currently 4th). Now I think that either Sam Bradford or Matt Stafford will be on the board at #4 because of the teams that are picking ahead of the Hawks. I don't think the Lions will take a QB (Andre Smith OT will be there pick), the Rams will take
Eugene Monroe OT, KC will take Brian Orakpo DE (or trade down), and at for the Seahawks will take QB Sam Bradford. For the Seahawks they are the only team besides ST Louis to have drafted a young QB in the draft in the last three years. Plus the Seahawks don't a WR (Branch,Engram,Burleson, Robinson + Carlson), there OL just needs to stay healthy. We can get defensive help in FA (Albert Haynesworth, Brian Dawkins, deangelo hall) the last two will come very inexpensive.

This being Mike Holmgren's last home game at Qwest, do the Seahawks come out as a strong competitor to the New York Jets who need a win?

Mosang Miles: Yes, I do think they play well.  Their last three home games have all been close losses to playoff-caliber teams, so they should stay competitive with the Jets.  Sadly, I don't see them sending Holmgren out with a win despite being inspired by his departure.  They just haven't shown they can beat a decent team.

Lars Hanson:I think Wallace, Branch and Carlson will have a great day as usual but they will not win considering the Jets really need this game.