Manchester Football: Two Clubs, Poles Apart

True BlueCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2016

Today, Sunday, 21 Dec. 2008 is a day which shows the real differences between Manchester's two footballing teams.

As I pen this article, three minutes of City's relegation dogfight with West Brom' have elapsed and I have just seen United crowned 'World Champions' after their game in Japan.

As it stands, of course, Manchester City are the worlds richest club, hold the British transfer fee record, and are odds on to break the World record for a player in 2009.

Manchester United are the worlds most indebted club, and that may well bring problems in the new world financial order currently under construction.

United have proven the wisdom of managerial stability and of course City are the polar opposite.

City are recognised as having the best academy in the country, with some truly marvellous young players having joined the first-team squad in recent seasons.

It is only a few years since the greatest ever crop of young players pulled on the red of United and made such an impact, since then of course United have bought more than they have developed.

Is this the day when two teams, so different in their histories begin the slow move towards each other?

Can United maintain the dominance of the last 10 years in the knowledge that Sir Alex will retire in the next few seasons? Could that spell a few seasons of managerial instability?

Will the financial situation cause a lasting headache for the Glazers? Very possibly.

Will City's new owners back a manager with time and funds? The likelihood there is yes.

The world's best players now have more than one choice to make when looking at Manchester as a footballing destination.

Today may well be the day we look back on as the start of shift towards the Blues.