Penguins-Maple Leafs: PIttsburgh Shows Very Little Discipline

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IDecember 20, 2008

Toronto Maple Leafs played by far their best game of the year handing the Penguins one of their worst defeats of the 2008/2009 season to a 7-3 beating.

In my own humble opinion I think the Penguins are a two player team.

If you can hold Malkin and Crosby in check, your chances of beating the Pens are good. 

The Leafs showed great discipline and played the basic fundamentals of hockey, keeping the game very simple and not making things difficult.

The couple of mistakes the Leafs did make resulted in two goals of course.

However, Crosby and his gang playing in their own shed showed very little, if any discipline, especially when they saw how well Toronto was playing.

The Penguins tried very hard to intimidate the Leafs, but Ron Wilson would have none of that and informed his players as such.

I must say the Penguins may not have been coached all that well.

Now that the players and Ron Wilson know how well they can play I am sure when things go bad Wilson will go back to the video of this game.

The Leaf players will be reminded from time to time how well they played in Penguin Town, the simple things.

I believe Wilson may have coached his best game as a Leaf Coach.

Now that Ron has the players playing well, at least for now, Burke will have to be very careful in his rebuilding process of who's to stay and who's to go.

I also think that Burke may want to keep in mind the wheeling and dealing that took place before his arrival.

Quite often in this particular case the player who is sent packing is the player who will come back to haunt you.

As I have mentioned before: It may be a good idea at this stage for Burke to go shopping with the cash for a couple of snipers.

If Burke was successful with the cash, he could then evaluate the players a little better.

The Leafs have some spare cash at this time and if they could get those two good players, who knows what could happen in 2008/2009. 

All I can say for the Sh.....t kicking the Leafs put on the Pens: 

"That Is A Building Block For Sure."