How To Fix College Football's Postseason: My Playoff Proposal

Josh RosenbergCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2008

Dear NCAA football committee and to whomever else it may concern,

In light of recent events in the college football (meaning the last three year's of unfortunate events for way to many teams) many people have criticized the legitimacy of the Bowl Championship Series' ability to accurately decide and crown a national champion. 

It has been very controversial over the last few years and a large amount of people have debated about it time after time again. 

In the present times, we see teams like Texas, Southern California, Penn State, Texas Tech, and Alabama all kept out of the BCS national title game in favor of Oklahoma and Florida, although they all finished with the same record and some even in a three-way tie for their conference.

Teams like Boise State and Texas Tech were not even allowed to be in a BCS bowl game, while the other top 10 teams at least got BCS bowls. Boise State even went undefeated! (Due to corruption in Boise's case, and due to illogical and contradictory rules in Tech's case.)

What gives undefeated Utah the right to take it away from them?

Last year, we faced the same problem when 11-2 LSU made it to the title game over 11-2 Virginia Tech, 11-1 Kansas, 10-2 West Virginia, 11-2 Oklahoma, 11-2 Missouri, 10-2 USC, and 10-2 Georgia.

Missouri was this year's Texas Tech and they got left our of a BCS Bowl game!  (Undeserving 12-0 Hawaii got a BCS berth over them and proceeded to get demolished by Georgia, 40-11.)

And let's not forget about when 12-0 Auburn got snubbed from the title game by Oklahoma and USC in 2004. They were all undefeated and Auburn had one more win than USC.

Despite all I've said already, I am not writing this letter to criticize the BCS (no matter how illogical its methods are), insult it (no matter how contradictory its rules are), nor am I here to spew facts about its history to prove a point. (Well, actually I pretty much just did, but that was only the introduction.)

However, like in all other sports, the national champion should be decided on the field.

Not by computers.

That said, I would like to introduce to you my college football playoff proposal.


The way college football postseason should be

I believe that this playoff system (devised by me) will effectively determine the real national champion of every college football season.


Rule 1: There will be a 14-team playoff, with the top two seeds receiving a first round bye.


Rule 2: The seeding is partially based on how teams finish in the top 25.  If a team that wins their conference is ranked behind a team that didn't win their conference, they receive a seed higher than that team only if the conference winning team has a better record. Ex: Big East champion Cincinnati will be ranked over Ohio State in seeding.


Rule 3: To ensure that "traditions are kept alive" the first six games will represent the six major non-BCS bowl games. These are the Gator Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Sun Bowl, Capital One Bowl, and the Outback Bowl. The second round will represent the four BCS bowls. These are the Sugar, Fiesta, Orange, and Rose Bowls.

To keep the Rose Bowl committee from whining, one of the matchups will be a Big Ten-Pac 10 game, which will be the Rose Bowl assuming the both higher seeds win


Rule 4: A BCS conference team with at least 10 wins automatically gets into the playoff tournament.


Rule 5:  A non-BCS conference team gets into the playoffs only if they go undefeated.  Sorry Ball State and Texas Christian, you should've at least won your conferences.

So far the eligible teams are...The top 10. Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Alabama, USC, Penn State, Utah, Texas Tech, Ohio State, and Boise State.


Rule 6: The winner of every BCS conference gets an automatic bid. This means Virginia Tech and Cincinnati join the party.

We now have 12 teams.


Rule 7: Now here comes the controversial one. Any team with a five-game winning streak or more gets in the playoffs. Since the goal of the playoff is to determine the best team in college football, it should not only be determined by the team's record alone.

Teams should be judged based on how they are currently playing, not how they played in the beginning of the season. My final two spots go to Ole Miss and Rutgers.

Before you start ripping this letter up, let me explain myself.

Rutgers started this season 1-5. They ended up turning the season around and winning six games straight and finishing tied for second in the Big East. They closed off the regular season with a 63-14 rout of Louisville where they scored 49 points in the first half alone.

In this spectacular run, they beat No. 14 Pittsburgh 54-34, Syracuse 35-14, and South Florida 49-17. They also only lost to Cincinnati the Big East champions by three points.  And that was before they turned around their season.

Ole Miss finished 8-4 and finished the season winning five games straight. They also are the only team that beat Florida this season. FLORIDA you say? Yes, Florida.  The team who is now playing Oklahoma in the (fake) national championship game. Enough said.

I wouldn't even be surprised if one of these two teams wins their first round matchup.

Now that we have the rules and the teams, here are the seeds and matchups.


First round

1. Oklahoma and Florida.  Bye

2. Texas vs. Ole Miss (Cotton) and USC vs. Rutgers (Sun)

3. Alabama vs. Ohio State (Capitol One) and Penn State vs. Virginia Tech (Gator)

4. Utah vs. Cincinnati (Outback) and Texas Tech vs. Boise St. (Holiday)

5. Boise St. vs. Texas Tech and Cincinnati vs. Utah

6. Ohio State vs. Alabama and Virginia Tech vs. Penn St.

7. Ole Miss vs. Texas and Rutgers vs. USC

Texas, Ole Miss, Alabama, OSU, Utah, and Cincinnati are on one side of the tournament and are joined by Florida. The other teams are joined by Oklahoma second round.


Second round: BCS Bowls

1. Florida plays 4./5. Oklahoma plays 4./5.

Both 2./7. play 3./6.


Third Round: Final Four

1./4./5. plays 2./3./6./7.


BCS national title game

The two teams who win all these games will play each other in Miami and us college football fans will all be content because we know that the team that won this game was the team that really deserved to be the national champions.

As for all the teams that were left out of the playoffs, it doesn't sound like a bad idea to keep the rest of the bowl games. 

Yes, some of the other teams will feel cheated because they didn't make the playoffs, but those teams will not have a significant argument like they do in the current postseason system. They will just be mad because they didn't satisfy the qualifications to get into the playoffs in the first place.

It would be great if you would please consider my playoff proposal and replacing the BCS with it.

Thank you for your time and I wish all your teams luck in the rest of the season (those that made bowls) and in the great seasons to come.


                                                  Joshua Rosenberg



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