WWE Rumors: A Look at the Possible Returns for RVD, X-Pac, Y2J and Batista

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 23, 2011

WWE Rumors: A Look at the Possible Returns for RVD, X-Pac, Y2J and Batista

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    There has been tons of buzz recently in the Internet Wrestling Community about possible returns by certain superstars to the WWE ring.

    2011 saw the return of Kevin Nash and The Rock after both being gone from a WWE ring for several years. Nash was with TNA while The Rock was off making movies about fairies, cars and dinosaurs.

    New information keeps coming in every day about which people are returning to WWE, whether the information is true is something we are not always aware of.

    Unfortunately for fans and writers, a lot of the rumors we hear are just that, rumors. Some turn out to be true like CM Punk winning the WWE title and then kayfabe leaving the company, and some turn out to be false like Undertaker's videos being meant for Sting.

    We never really know what to believe, but sometimes that is what the WWE does best, keep us guessing. Nash's return at the Rumble was a shock to many and a great moment for the big man.

    The Rock was not as much of a surprise but was just as much of a treat for WWE fans. With all this talk of returns, I figured I would pick the top four rumors and take a look at what it could mean for WWE in 2012.

Chris Jericho

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    WWE has begun showing some very strange cryptic promos for a new or returning superstar. Many have speculated that due to the similar cryptic nature of the videos as last year, this could be for The Undertaker.

    Other have speculated that these are in fact for the third coming of Y2J Chris Jericho. This is something I could see as a possibility for a few reasons.

    The first and most obvious thing is that the video mentions someone "familiar;" this could be an indication that this has nothing to do with a new superstar.

    He recently tweeted he would never "wrestle" for WWE again, and with them not wanting to use the word wrestling and instead use entertainment, this could just be Jericho messing with us.

    Jericho is a top-level talent who can take a match with just about anybody and make it entertaining. He has had some of the best feuds in WWE with guys like Shawn Michaels and The Rock.

    There is really nothing this guy has not done. He is a multi-time champion with every title known to man and he could easily make it into the Hall of Fame without ever stepping foot in another ring.

    With Jericho's rock-band tour only going for a few months, this could be what Jeicho had planned for afterwards. He said when he left he had other things he wanted to pursue and would return if and when the time is right.

    I think the time is right now. With The Rock being back in WWE on a part-time basis, this could make for some great confrontations between the two former rivals.

    I for one do not think the WWE needs Jericho, but if fans want him and he wants to return, the WWE would be stupid not to being him back.

    We went the whole of 2011 without seeing Jericho on WWE TV; I hope 2012 does not have the same result.

Rob Van Dam

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    RVD has been rumored to be returning more heavily than anyone else. Being in TNA allows RVD to have an easy schedule and less travel, but at what cost?

    With bad writing and inexperienced talent, TNA has given RVD nothing of value to add to his career. He needs a place like WWE because he is a huge star.

    There are few people in the business who have the respect and admiration of the fans that RVD has. This guy has wrestled for every big promotion in America and was successful in every one except WCW, but that was in the beginning of his career.

    The RVD following is something that has taken on a life of its own. He is an exciting talent who has given us many great memories over the years, and fans have shown their appreciation through undying respect.

    The last time I saw RVD in a WWE ring was the Rumble a few years back when he made that surprise appearance. The pop he got was deafening.

    I think WWE never had enough faith in him to carry the company because he came from ECW where technical wrestling was less of an attraction than the blood to some fans.

    When RVD won the WWE title from John Cena, I thought everything was changing for him and then he had to go and mess it up.

    I hope if RVD does indeed return to WWE that they use him in a way that will not bury him, because he is coming close to being a living legend in the business.


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    Another person receiving speculation to be the reason for those cryptic videos is none other than the Animal Batista.

    Since leaving WWE, Batista has been focusing on acting as well as MMA. He is part-owner of a Gracie Fighter Jiu Jitsu gym.

    He was set to go fight for Strikeforce before UFC bought them out and killed the deal. It looks like Dana White does not want any other WWE guys to take on Brock like Bobby Lashley and Batista.

    If he does return to WWE, it will be a little more unexpected than the others on the list. He got started wrestling at a much older age than most and with him being over 40, this could be his last shot at a good return.

    WWE has other powerhouse wrestlers like Mason Ryan and Sheamus, but in terms of popularity neither of them is near what Batista had yet.

    I was a big fan of Dave's work as a face, but I thought it was his heel run before leaving that showed how versatile the big man was.

    By turning heel and becoming a vindictive, evil type of wrestler, he allowed fans to see something we did not see while he was with Evolution, the ability to be a top heel in the company.

    For most of his career, he was a face. I think if he returns, it needs to be as a heel. He left as a heel and he should return the same way simply because I think the WWE is in need of some good heel heat right now.

    I am not saying WWE needs Dave Batista because they don't, but a return for the mammoth competitor would certainly not be unwanted.


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    Sean "X-Pac" Waltman already works for WWE in their developmental territory FCW scouting talent, but that does not mean he is not in line for a return soon.

    X-Pac is someone who has been rumored to return ever since he signed with the company in a non wrestling role.

    For years, he was in the Indy scene and TNA before he finally made his way back to where he first got his big break all those years ago as the 1-2-3 Kid.

    With Nash back in WWE and Triple H being in a feud with him, it would be the perfect time for Waltman to come back and get involved.

    The best thing is he could align with either guy in the feud or try and be the peacemaker between them; there are plenty of things for him to do.

    He is also a good performer in the ring and could be used to help the current young superstars improve. As X-Pac he could also bring back the cruiserweight division.

    I know many people think that the hopes of another cruiserweight title in WWE are useless, but they have more talent who could fight in the division than they have in years right now and Waltman could help usher in the new cruiserweight division.

    I, for one, would not really care if he returns or not, but if he does, I will not be upset about it. There are many people who think he should not return to WWE, but in the end the choice is Vince's and if he sees dollar signs then he will do it.

    There you have it, the four major names that are rumored to return in 2012 and what I think about them. What do you think of these possibilities?