NBA Trade-In's and Out's

Lester MoraCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2008

"Buy, sell, trade!" It seems to be the attitude around the NBA today. Key pieces to each team seem to be the targets in the recent trades in the league. These changes are almost identical to the trades being made in my current season of NBA Live ‘08; it's as if someone left their finger on the fantasy draft button.

Why is everyone doing it? I don't know, but these changes going to help their respective teams.


1. Lakers and Grizz Trade

I, being a crazy LA Lakers fan, couldn't believe that Pau Gasol has been shifted to the Lakers. It's as if someone heard the prayers of the fans and actually did something about it. This was a blockbuster trade, since Gasol was the "it" guy in that franchise and they were willing to absorb the helpless Kwame Brown.

In many ways, the Lakers are ecstatic because the give-away of struggling big man, Kwame Brown, had occurred and given the people a glimmer of hope that the Lakers are in for a fighting chance at another championship. This keeps Kobe satisfied because he has many deadly components around him once he is doubled or even tripled. Now that they have acquired a legitimate big man in the low-post, the potential of this new Lakers team is endless. Mitch, you did a great job (at last) making everyone talk about championships again in LA.

Memphis is looking to rebuild around who? The two Mike's and Rudy Gay. Seems fair enough, but throwing in a pointless, immobile Kwame isn't the way. Just wait for the draft and pick up a nice piece that should fit perfectly into place. Like every other year, we're just going to hear more struggles from this team.


2. Suns and Heat Trade

No idea why Kerr even thought about this trade. To many onlookers, this was a reaction to the Gasol trade. It's like: "If you can make a major trade, we can do the same!" 

Ok you can do this, but what you got was nowhere near to what you gave up. Come on, I know Coach D'Antoni had differences with Marion—build a bridge and get over it. Shaq cannot bring the offensive intensity and defensive pressure Marion brings to the court. The Suns gave up an athletic, assured double-double and sure shot player for an aging, slow, under 50 percent freethrowing, injury plagued, big salary eating player. Which of the two seemed right to have on your team?

The new tactics I've heard the Suns' offense has to execute seem odd and very ridiculous. Here's the new play: Nash runs down the court and finds an open flyer (Stoudemire).  If no one's there, wait for O'Neal to struggle down the court, dish, and hopefully get one of two freethrows in.

Now that doesn't seem favorable to the Suns run-and-gun offense. Sorry to say Suns, but you're going to have to wait longer to even get a look over that Western Conference Championship hill.

The Heat got a sweeter deal from this trade, getting the offensive help for Wade and also the defensive pressure needed in the low and high post. Picking up a big man should really help the Heat back to winning styles again.


Team owners, consider what trades you are making. It's not always wise to make unwanted trades. Remember you do have a fan base to keep happy. If there are any more trades, please be kind enough to give us a long enough warning. Let's just sit back and watch the drama unfold—for better or for worse.