TUF 14 Finale: Bisping vs Miller, Who Will Win This Fight?

Cody SlovenskyContributor IINovember 23, 2011

Credit: UFC
Credit: UFC

At The Ultimate Fighter season 14 finale, coaches Michael Bisping and Jason Miller will meet in a middleweight bout that will put the winner in the top five of contenders in the division. 

Michael Bisping won the Ultimate Fighter season three as a light heavyweight, and has put up an 11-3 record in the UFC, 7-2 as a middleweight. He is currently on a three-fight winning streak, and is just floating around the title picture. A win here would truly put him in the discussion.

Bisping is a patient fighter and is very good at picking his shots. Over the years, his wrestling has improved greatly. In his fight with Miller, his ground game as a whole will truly be tested. 

Jason "Mayhem" Miller has not competed in over a year, and hasn't competed in the UFC in over six years. Miller has trained all over, but his main base is at the Reign Training Center, as well as Kings MMA. Those two gyms are known for cross-training together.

Miller is an excellent grappler, and was technically the second man to ever submit MMA Legend Kazushi Sakuraba. Miller's ground game is legit, and he has the clear advantage in this area.

On their feet, Bisping is the better striker, based on the fact of what people have seen, due to Miller taking most fights to the ground.

Miller is not an easy guy to finish, and his skill set is actually a bad matchup for Bisping. Not fighting for over a year, and training with excellent strikers and striking coaches means that Miller's stand-up will be no joke.

One thing is for sure: Both men are very intelligent fighters and know the game well. 

To call a winner in this fight, you just have to favor Miller. He has a wonderful ground game, and on his feet, he will be able to set up takedowns with his striking.

This is MMA, and anything can happen, but one thing is guaranteed: Jason Miller will have the better of the two entrances.