Chicago Bears: Christmas Comes Early as Broncos Release Kyle Orton

Max MickeyContributor IIINovember 30, 2016

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 09:  Kyle Orton #18 of the Chicago Bears look on during warm ups against the Tennessee Titans at Soldier Field on November 9, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos have just delivered an early Christmas present to the Chicago Bears. The Broncos have waived Kyle Orton

The Tim Tebow era in Denver is now in full swing. It is clear that they are abiding by the slogan, "In Tebow we Trust". Personally, I think Klye Orton is a much better quarterback, but for some reason the Broncos defense and team in general decide to play better when there is a running back (Tebow) behind center. 

Many Bears fans fondly remember Orton's tenure in Chicago from 2005-2008. Although Orton was never outstanding for the Bears, he was a great game manager, and his time in Denver shows that he can be more than that. 

In Orton's two full seasons as the Broncos starting quarterback he threw for 7,400 yards, 42 touchdowns and 21 interceptions. During the beginning of his 2010 campaign he was even considered a favorite for MVP. 

Orton being released could not come at a better time for the Bears. Their star quarterback, Jay Cutler, goes down for the remainder of the regular season, and the quarterback they traded away to get Cutler is without a home.

How crazy would that be to have Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton on the same roster? 

Orton is comfortable in Chicago, he know the town and the team. It would not be a seamless transition because the Bears are running an offense that is extremely different from the offense that was ran when Orton was here, but he already has a built in rapport with some of the receivers.

Kyle Orton is more than capable of leading the Bears into the playoffs and beyond if Jay Cutler is not able to come back at all this season. The Chicago Bears are essentially saying they do not care about the season if they do not put in a claim for Kyle Orton.