Missouri Football: 10 Things You Need to Know About Kansas

Brian LendinoCorrespondent IINovember 24, 2011

Missouri Football: 10 Things You Need to Know About Kansas

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    The Missouri Tigers are coming off a classic home comeback against Texas Tech in which they didn't take the lead until the 2:22 mark in the fourth quarter.

    Kansas, well, they got rocked—again. 

    This Thanksgiving weekend, the Jayhawks and the Tigers meet once again in their storied rivalry.

    Looking for the ins and outs of the Kansas Jayhawks before Saturday? Check it out.

2-9 Record

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    Just like the saying goes—the record pretty much says it all.

    At 2-9, the Jayhawks are a long way removed from their Orange Bowl visit in 2008 when Mark Mangino was the head coach.

    Since starting their season at 2-0 they have lost nine in a row, including every game in the conference.

    A win against Missouri would not only be monumental in regards to the rivalry, but it would keep the Jayhawks from a double-digit losing season.

Dead Last in Scoring Defense

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    The Kansas defense is really bad. There is no other way to put it.

    As a unit, they're allowing 45.5 points per game, and that stat is good only for the worst defense in all of college football.

    In that stretch they have allowed at least 60 points in three different games, and also gave up 59 points at home against Kansas State.

    I think dubbing this defense as elementary at best is an overstatement.

The Border War

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    Kansas and Missouri's Border War, also known as the Border Showdown, is a rivalry game that dates back all the way to 1891.

    The overall record in the rivalry is disputed because of an ineligibility rift from the 1960 meeting that Kansas claims they won. 

    Depending on what outlet you reference, you can find a 56-54-9 record favoring Missouri, or a 55-55-9 tie between the two schools.

    Either way, come Saturday, both schools will be looking to improve their records in a game in which both teams absolutely can not stand each other.

They Are Who We Think They Are

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    And what do we think they are? A terrible football team.

    This should put it into perspective: of the 31 stats that the Big 12 recognizes, Kansas ranks dead last or next-to-last in 20 of those 31.

    Yeah, it's like that.

Lone Bright Spot

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    You would assume that for a team who is constantly playing from behind, their passing stats would be much more impressive and inflated than they currently are.

    However, for the Jayhawks, they actually run the ball better than they throw it.

    Kansas' running game ranks in the top half in college football, and they have punched it 20 times on the ground which is good for the top 40.

Turner Gill

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    Turner Gill is in his second season as the Kansas Jayhawks' head coach. This could also be his last.

    Gill's putrid 5-18 record has Jayhawks faithful calling for a change at the helm because of his inability to return Kansas to the success they experienced with Mark Mangino.

    Seeing as Kansas won't be participating in a bowl game, Saturday's game against Missouri could very well be Gill's last.

Could Be Last Meeting Between the Two Teams

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    It's clear that these two teams hate each other, and maybe even more so now that Missouri is leaving for the SEC.

    A spiteful Kansas has been vocal in announcing its wish to not continue the Border War with Missouri because of their departure.

    It would be a shame for these two teams to end this storied series all over one team's move to a different conference.


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    One thing I always like to look at is the penalties stat because it gives me an idea of how disciplined a football team is.

    In Kansas' case you have to be impressed that they aren't a heavily penalized team for how bad they truly are.

    They commit just under six penalties a game for about 45 yards.

Jordan Webb

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    Jordan Webb is Kansas' sophomore quarterback who has had the responsibility of replacing one of the best quarterbacks in Jayhawks' history, Todd Reesing.

    While his numbers aren't great, he has shown great maturity and leadership over the past year.

    Webb completes his passes at a 66 percent clip despite not throwing for many yards or touchdowns.

    Look out for him in the coming years because I have a feeling he could be a good one.

Sustaining Drives

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    One final stat I'm looking at is third-down conversions—both on offense and defense.

    On offense, Kansas is in the middle of the pack, converting on 40 percent. A number that, interestingly enough, is more efficient than the Missouri Tigers' despite only attempting 15 more third downs.

    On the flip side, however, there is only one team in all of college football that allows more opposing offenses to convert on third down.

    They have given up 75 first downs in 140 chances (54 percent).