Super Bowl XLIII: If Not Your Favorite Team...?

Bryan ShipleyContributor IDecember 20, 2008

Personally, I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

I'd love nothing more than to see Big Ben go to the Super Bowl, toss 300 and a few TD's, win himself an MVP, and get talked about in the upper most echelon of QB's today. That's my boy, and I want him vindicated from the thought that the team won Super Bowl XL in spite of him. The only way he'll do that is with the aforementioned scenario. 

However, if it were to happen that my beloved Steelers and their top ranked D (Now I'm just fawning. You'll have to forgive me.) didn't make it all the way, I've asked myself who I'd like to see in their place.

Let's face it, the drama of the National Football League is so grandiose and so entertaining that we all have stories outside of our own teams that we'd like to see. I'm toying with a few of my own that I'd like, and I'll talk about them in just a bit, but what I'd really like is to see what everyone else thinks. So if you read this, please comment at the end on who other than your own team, you'd like to see in the Super Bowl.

As you can tell by the photo above, the biggest ticket on my Steelerless Super Bowl wish list would be a Manning brothers match up. Yes, it's the obvious one, and yes it would just make the fat cats in those NFL ivory towers richer than God, but I don't care. We're talking about the two most recent Super Bowl Champions, and two most recenct Super Bowl MVP's, both playing at quarterback, who happen to be brothers.

If I pitched this story to Disney, they'd laugh me out the building for it being too corny and coincidental. 

If not the Manning Bowl, then I'd really like to see Donavon McNabb get one. I can't help but root for that guy. There's just something to the allure of someone soldiering against the odds and the critics finally getting his due just when everyone thought it was out of sight, and doubted him all over again.

All right, so enough of QB's. I'm falling right into the media traps by gushing over poster boys. I have to admit, I'm a little ashamed.

I'll leave you with Jeff Fisher and those Titans. There's a guy I'd love to see win the big one.

He's done everything the right way since the moment he got the job some 48 years ago as head coach of Tennessee. He doesn't put up with bad behavior or dissent in the locker room, yet he's not some overly harsh drill instructor like lunatic. The players love him because he really loves them. They behave because he treats them like men. Men, when treated like me, tend to act like men.

When one of his guys is down on the field, Jeff Fisher is there before the television analyst even knew it happened.

That team plays great defense, controls the ball, is respectful to each and every opponent, and in a nutshell, handles itself professionally. If they are in this year's Super Bowl, the ratings will no doubt be low, since the American viewing public values sex and despair over hard work and class, but know this:

I would be watching and rooting that Sunday for the very team I'll be rooting against tomorrow afternoon. 

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