Bowl Games. Who Cares?

steve strongContributor IDecember 20, 2008

I have watched and read a lot of stories about how there are too many bowl games and how nobody cares about most of them.

Over and over I read how nobody would be interested in watching Wake Forset and Navy in the Eagle Bank Bowl, Memphis and South Florida in the Magic Jack Bowl, or Florida Atlantic and Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl. 

While, to the normalsports fan, these match-ups may not cause huge excitement, there are those that enjoy college football, no matter what the game. To some, these match-ups are very important. To some, these bowl games are something to look forward to.

So, you ask, who is excited about these bowl games?

Lets start with the obvious.


Fans of the competing teams

Who wouldn't want to watch your team play just one more college game before the season ends? Who doesn't want to sit around in the sports bar talking about how your team will play or what you think the game plan will consist of? Some fans get to attend the bowl game, while some just cant wait to watch it on TV. The bowl game is a reward for the fan and they look forward to it.


The Players

These are the guys that sweat at every practice, gave it everything they had during every game and made their universities a lot of money to support athletic budgets. Its a goal that is set every year. Make it to a bowl game. The bowl game is a reward for the players and they look forward to it.


The Teams

Extra practice for younger players, recruiting exposure, and one last game for the seniors. Another chance to play together as a team. The bowl game is a reward to the teams and they look forward to it

These bowl games offer a chance for the universities to reward the players with a trip and a chance to go somewhere, enjoy themselves and compete one last time.

So, to all of you that wrote how horrible it is that we have to set through so many bowls, how nobody is interested, and how a lot of the bowl teams don't deserve to be in a bowl, I say...

Its not all about us.