WWE: Is There a Double-Standard with Wrestling's Substance-Abuse Suspensions?

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIINovember 22, 2011


Add Evan Bourne to the list of superstars who have fallen under the substance abuse/wellness policy violation.

On Tuesday, R-truth was also suspended for violation of the wellness policy. Bourne and Truth were together when they violated the wellness policy, so it would seem fitting that both men are suspended.

But there is one problem: R-Truth was suspended a few weeks after Evan Bourne was suspended. You might be wondering why, the answer is quite simple.

R-Truth was currently receiving the biggest push of his career. He was one of the top heels in the WWE, and was a member of Awesome Truth with The Miz.

Truth and Miz were in the main event of Survivor Series where they would be taking on The Rock and John Cena. In order to preserve this main event, the WWE decided it was alright to let Truth perform for a few more weeks before being suspended.

Evan Bourne did not get this chance. Bourne and Kofi Kingston are currently Tag Team Champions, but Bourne did not get the treatment Truth received.This is a clear double standard in the WWE. Main-event talent is treated better than the mid and low card talent.

Now, I am not saying that JTG should be valued as much as Cody Rhodes but, when it comes to the rules, everyone should be equal.

The WWE was clearly thinking about their bottom dollar when Truth was caught violating the wellness policy. Let it slide for a week or two so they could make their money, then sweep Truth under the rug like it was no big deal.

We always hear stories about how the top guys run the backstage politics. Randy Orton supposedly has a lot of power backstage and has shown such power when he helped end Mr. Kennedy’s WWE career and Kofi Kingston's push in 2009. What does this have to do with double standards?

If you are a big-time star in the WWE, you can say and do what you please. If everyone in the locker room likes you, except for Randy Orton and Triple H, then your career will not be going anywhere. Randy Orton is just one of the many examples I could use here, so I am not just attacking him.

In the WWE, everything can be viewed as a double standard: Kofi Kingston botches a move or two, and his push is ended. But if Randy Orton botches a move, nothing would happen to him.

Now, let’s get back to the wellness policy.

When stars like Evan Bourne break the wellness policy, they are immediately suspended. But when main event stars violate the policy, they are allowed to finish their objectives.

I'm not even sure the WWE tests stars like John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton. The fear that one of them might violate the policy keeps them from being tested. But that is just speculation and opinion on my part.

I'm sure it is not just the WWE that has double standards. Every business or money making organization has double standards.

Remember in high school, when the starting quarterback for the football team would fail a test or something along those lines but he would still find his way into the game? The average student never got off that easy.

That is what happens in the WWE and big businesses: the stars get off easy, while the lower workers take the brunt of the punishment.

Clearly, Evan Bourne should have been suspended. He broke the rules and was punished swiftly and justly. R-Truth should have been punished the same day as Bourne, but he was not. The sad thing is, there is nothing that will change this and it will continue to happen for a very long time.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your comments below. Be sure to watch for my next article on R-Truth and what happens to him after his suspension is over.

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