5 Things Anaheim Duck Fans Can Be Thankful For, and 5 Holiday Wishes to Make

Liz BrownsteinContributor INovember 23, 2011

5 Things Anaheim Duck Fans Can Be Thankful For, and 5 Holiday Wishes to Make

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    It is that time of the year again, ladies and gents, where we have a bit of time to both note what we have to be thankful for, and look forward and make some wishes.

    Even though Anaheim has played just 20 games this season, there are plenty of aspects of the game that the Ducks need to improve on. 

    So here is my list of five things that Anaheim fans have to give thanks for, and five things to add to their holiday wish list.

Give Thanks for Teemu Selanne

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    Thank heavens for Teemu Selanne.

    At 41 years old, the Finnish Flash is essentially carrying the team to any win they squeak out.

    He leads the team with 19 points and 12 assists, and is tied for the team lead with seven goals.

Give Thanks for Time

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    We are not even one quarter through the season, and even though Anaheim has been pretty shoddy this entire season, they do still have plenty of games to turn it around and show what they are made of.

    Anaheim has made it a habit to start the season on a bad note and make some changes and then find the strength to surge back at the end, hopefully this is another one of those cases.

Give Thanks That November Is Almost over

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    The month of November has been anything but friendly to the Anaheim Ducks, who started Turkey month with a record of 5-5-1 and has since added an embarrassing 1-5-3 record.

    Maybe we can just blame this atrocity on the mustaches the players have been growing for November?

Give Thanks for the Columbus Blue Jackets

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    Without the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Ducks would be the worst ranked team in the Western Conference.

    Even though Anaheim lost 3-1 to Columbus in the last game in October, Anaheim still must rejoice that this team exists because they have at least one team below them.

Give Thanks for the Penalty Killers

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    The Ducks have spent way too much time in the sin bin this season, falling shorthanded a humiliating 85 times in 20 games.

    However, even with all this time-killing penalties, Anaheim still manages to stay ranked sixth overall in the NHL with a penalty killing percentage of 87.1 percent.

Wish for Better Discipline

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    Anaheim has a team total of 92 penalty minutes, meaning they average 14.3 minutes in the sin bin during each game.

    Even players who aren’t usually punished for a couple minutes have uncharacteristically high penalty stats right now.

    For example, Teemu Selanne who has only had more than 50 PIMs in one season of his career already has 32 minutes.

Wish for Visnovsky to Start to Playing Like He Used to

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    For Lubomir Visnovsky who led the league’s blue liners in points last year with a total of 68, this season has been a huge disappointment.

    With just four points in 20 games it’s clear Lubo won’t be repeating last season’s feat, but we can still wish for it to happen.

Wish for More Goals

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    Anaheim has just 40 goals for in 20 games played ranking them 29th in the goals for category, only above the New York Islanders.

    When Corey Perry and Teemu Selanne are tied for the team lead with just seven goals each, you know that there need to be some changes made.

    We can only wish that Anaheim finds a way to fix this problem quick.

Wish for Jonas Hiller to Find a Rhythm Again

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    Already, after just 17 games played this season, Jonas Hiller has been a pretty big letdown.

    After a season with a .924 save percentage, 2.56 goals against average, and a 26-16-3 record, he now has a .904 save percentage, 2.95 goals against average and a 5-8-4 record.

    Let’s all collectively wish for a pretty drastic change when it comes to Hiller for the entire team’s sake.

Wish for the Team to Play the Entire Game with Fire

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    There has been a pretty steady trend with Anaheim this season, and it goes something like this: either the team plays a killer first period or half and then flop, or they look sluggish until it’s pretty much too late.

    Anaheim has yet to win after giving up the first goal, a statistic that must change if there’s any hope for a playoff run.

    Let’s just wish for a holiday miracle to light a fire under the team’s rear and pull them out of this slump.