Survivor Series 2011: How I Would Have Fixed the Mediocre PPV

Jonathan PowellContributor IIINovember 22, 2011

Survivor Series 2011: How I Would Have Fixed the Mediocre PPV

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    Survivor Series 2011. 

    New York City.

    Madison Square Garden. 

    The 25th anniversary of the WWE Thanksgiving tradition. 

    The return of The Rock.

    What more could a wrestling fan ask for?  How about "substance"?  I watched the event live, and was left wanting something more at its conclusion.  It was missing that "wow" factor.

    There's a saying that says the only thing that separates something ordinary from being extraordinary is just that little extra.  Here's the little extra I would have added to WWE's November extravaganza.

Zack Ryder Would Have Had His Own Match

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    I always thought it was corny for wrestlers to be conveniently dressed for shows they didn't have a match in.  Last night it was no less corny when Zack Ryder did it. 

    Kudos to WWE creative for recognizing that this kid is hot and needed to be involved in the PPV somehow.  Now that he's got the hearts of the fans, he needs to develop in the ring. 

    I would have given him his own match instead of having him confront Dolph Ziggler after his win over John Morrison.  For a serious effect, against an Alex Riley.  For a crowd pleasing effect, against a Santino.

    I would start the PPV with this match to get the crowd's blood flowing early.  Maybe have Ziggler and Vicki Guerrero come down to ringside and scout, but not interfere.

Would Not Have Had Dolph Zigger Participate in the 5-on-5 Match

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    Having a Superstar pull double duty for a PPV is usually commendable, but in this case it should be considered laziness on behalf of the creative team.

    Ziggler was added to this match when Christian was injured at a house show overseas.  Ziggler wasn't a relevant replacement because he failed to make an impact in this match and was eliminated first.

    If I was on the creative team, I would have left the slot open, having Wade Barrett boast about a mystery partner before the event, a la Ted DiBiase with the Undertaker in 1990.

    When each team member was announced, I would have the mystery partner announced last and have it be Brodus Clay.  The pop would have huge, and what better way to get Clay reacquainted with his colleagues.

Mark Henry Would Have Lost Like a Man Instead of Like a Coward

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    You mean to tell me that the man that has been running rampant on Smackdown for most of the year, inducting wrestlers into the "Hall of Pain" left and right, now has to resort to count outs and intentional DQs to retain his title?

    C'mon man! (Keyshawn Johnson voice).

At Least One Surprise Appearance

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    No Kevin Nash.

    No "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

    No Brock Lesnar.

    The last two, okay, reaches.  Kevin Nash has somewhat of a storyline Even though nobody knows where it seems to be going, he should have been involved in the PPV somehow.

    Maybe have him come out and try and rain on CM Punk's championship parade, and get put in the Anaconda Vise.

John Cena and the Rock Should Have Lost to Awesome Truth

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    The dysfunction between these two should have been so evident that it cost them the match to The Miz and R-Truth. 

    Having them be so distracted and untrusting of one another that they lose the match would have been a great build up to their growing feud.

    I would have had them get into a post-match scuffle, only to get broken up by John Laurinaitis and other backstage officials.

    Laurinaitis would then scold the Rock for attacking the company's biggest draw, and then walk off attending to Cena, making the already hostile crowd show even more hatred for Cena.

    This would set the Rock up for a huge segment on Raw the next night, alluding to the fact that Laurinaitis helped Cena clean his "lady parts" backstage.


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    Don't get me wrong, the Survivor Series provided its fans with its fair share of memorable moments.

    From Beth Phoenix's Glam Slam of Eva Torres off the top rope to the Big Show taking 10 ten minutes to climb up the to the top rope to pay homage to "Macho Man" Randy Savage, my eyes stayed glued to the screen.

    Overall, the 2011 edition of the Survivor Series was a solid show, but there's always room for improvement.