WWE Survivor Series 2011: What's Next for Wade Barrett

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent INovember 21, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2011: What's Next for Wade Barrett

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    After witnessing the Barrett Barrage in full force at Survivor Series, many WWE fans (including myself) are eager to see what the future holds for Wade Barrett.  The WWE writers could head in a myriad of directions with the former Nexus leader, as the possibilities are endless.

    Here are just a few of them.

A World Heavyweight Title Push

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    The World Heavyweight title appears to be in flux at the moment after the Big Show crushed champion Mark Henry’s ankle in a steel chair at Survivor Series.  If the World’s Strongest Man is forced to relinquish the title to injury, it could open the door for Wade Barrett to assert himself in the title picture. 

    Barrett’s victory in the traditional Survivor Series match gives him tons of momentum.  Not only was he captain of the victorious team, but he scored the deciding pin after hitting Randy Orton with Wasteland.

    Whether Henry keeps the belt or not at the moment, it’s tough to ignore Barrett’s current push as a legitimate title contender.

An Intercontinental Title Push

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    If WWE isn’t going to give Wade Barrett a world heavyweight championship opportunity, then maybe a shot at the Intercontinental Championship is in the cards.  The one problem with this scenario is that both Barrett and current intercontinental champ Cody Rhodes are both heels, so one of them would have to turn rather quickly.

    Of the two, Rhodes has the better potential to make the transition to a face.  Over these past few months, Rhodes has gained respect and sympathy from WWE fans—especially after the vicious head shot he took courtesy of Randy Orton and the ring bell.

    And the fans are starting to catch on to the fact that Rhodes is a bona fide superstar in the making.  The pop he got from the Madison Square Garden crowd at Survivor Series indicates that.  I think a Barrett-Rhodes rivalry would be one of the best Intercontinental title feuds in recent WWE history.

    It's obvious both wrestlers are brimming with main-event potential at the moment.  If WWE won't put either one in the main event, then an IC title match will be the next best thing.

A Rivalry with Randy Orton

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    Wade Barrett made quite the impact by scoring the clinching pin against Randy Orton in the 10-man elimination tag match at Survivor Series.  Something tells me that Orton will be eager to avenge this defeat.

    The ending to the Survivor Series match opens the door for a non-title rivalry between the captains of Team Orton and Team Barrett.  This could also become a world heavyweight title tussle between the two if Mark Henry is forced to surrender the title to injury.

    While I’m sure many Internet Wrestling Community members wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea of putting the belt back on Orton, it would be a good way to breathe new life into the Apex Predator’s character while giving Barrett some much-needed exposure at the top.

A Wade Barrett-Cody Rhodes Tag Team

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    Was the fact that Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes were the last men standing in Team Barrett at Survivor Series merely a coincidence?  Perhaps. 

    Or it could be the start of a nice partnership between the two.   A Barrett-Rhodes tag team would add instant credibility to Smackdown’s tag team stable. 

    And putting the tag titles around the waists of Barrett and Rhodes would be a good way to showcase Barrett as a champion.  The two have proven they’re polished in the ring and pretty conniving outside of it.  A Barrett-Rhodes pairing could become quite the unstoppable force.

Barrett Will Be Buried on the Smackdown! Roster Again

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    Wade Barrett lit the wrestling world afire when he led Nexus’ assault on the WWE roster.  After that, though, Barrett faded into obscurity. 

    He tried to recreate Nexus’ success with the less-prominent Corre, to little avail.  And he has aimlessly toiled around the Smackdown! mid-card roster since. 

    Now that he is on the verge of another push, will WWE finally give the talented Barrett a legitimate title shot?  Or will they bury him again like they did in the post-Nexus days?  Let’s hope it’s the former, because Barrett is too good to be stuck in the mid-cards anymore.