For Orioles, Importance Of Adding Teixeira Goes Beyond The Field

Drew BonifantAnalyst IIDecember 19, 2008

The legendary Washington FBI agent and Watergate whistle blower W. Mark Felt, also known as "Deep Throat", passed away yesterday. The way the Mark Teixeira negotiations are proceeding, you would think the suitors are honoring him.

According to John Henry, the Red Sox are "not going to be a factor" because somebody outbid them.

As for who made this offer? No one knows. Was an offer really made? No one knows. Is Tex wearing an Orioles, Nationals, Red Sox, Angels or Yankees hat at this very moment, looking at himself in the mirror and seeing how he looks? No one knows.

It might be time to pair Woodward and Bernstein back up. Because Teixeira and Boras aren't talking.

Meanwhile, Orioles fans are hoping, pleading, begging for that offer to have been made by GM Andy MacPhail, who recently expressed a willingness to raise the initial, reported seven-year, $140-150 million offer, if the circumstances were right.

If the mysterious offer came from Mr. MacPhail's office, great. If not, he might need to get Peter Angelos on the phone to discuss opening the wallet a little further. Because the Orioles don't want, seek, or hope for Mark Teixeira; they need him.

Remember watching The Empire Strikes Back for the first time? Remember hearing Yoda give his famous "Do, or do not, there is no try" line? Remember thinking it was cute and all, but then not knowing how it applies to real life?

Well, MacPhail needs Yoda in his office. He needs Yoda to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up, and the last thing he sees when he goes to bed.

Because the Orioles are trying to get Teixeira. But they're not doing it. And they need to do it.

For Baltimore, adding the sweet stroke of the Maryland native to the lineup does more than create runs, or bring fans to the ballpark. MacPhail joined the Orioles to turn them into a contender, and in order to contend in the American League East, you have to encounter the Red Sox and Yankees at some point.

Teixeira represents the Orioles' seriousness to get to that point. Baltimore has to show that it can go up against Boston, New York and Los Angeles, and win. It needs to step to the line, look the Red Sox and the Yankees right in the eye, not back down, and get the prize they both want.

The O's have a chance to do it. The reported, imminent deal that had Teixeira basically donning the Red Sox jersey hasn't happened—yet. The Red Sox have the white flag waving, but it's dangerous and foolish to count them out.

Some team has made the push. It had better be the Orioles.

If not, they'd better get to work. Time is running out.