MLB Trade Talks: 6 Teams Who Would Trade for Mark Teixeira

Josh SchermerhornContributor IINovember 21, 2011

MLB Trade Talks: 6 Teams Who Would Trade for Mark Teixeira

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    It has been a very successful three years for Mark Teixeira in New York. He has been accepted and eventually loved by the crowd for his ability to not only hit the long ball, but field the ball like few first basemen in the game can. He has won a title (2009), an objective of his coming to the team.

    His play in the postseason, however, has left some questions of whether or not he will be able to sustain the offense needed to succeed in October. His power for the regular season has maintained, but his average has been decreasing each year since joining the Yankees, looking more like a dead power hitter instead of a versatile switch-hitter.

    With great first basemen like Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols up for grabs, could it be worth it trade away the Gold-Glove-winning, power-hitting Mark Teixeira for other pieces to the playoff puzzle? Here are six teams that may answer that call.

The Milwaukee Brewers

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    Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder, along with solid pitching across the board, carried the Brewers into October, and just two games away from the team’s first World Series appearance in 30 years. Their left-handed slugger (Fielder) will most likely search the market for a monster pay-day, leaving a huge void in the lineup for Milwaukee.

    This does leave the Yankees with a risky proposition, one the Brewers should be interested in. If they offer Mark Teixeira for a pitcher like Zach Greinke, someone who proved he could handle the pressure of pitching in big games, the Brewers may have to accept that deal knowing they are losing Fielder.

    If the deal can be done, the Yankees can then pursue Fielder, a first baseman with immense power combined with a high average. The deal heavily relies on getting done for the success of each team, for if the Yankees don’t sign Fielder after trading away Teixeira, they are the ones with the huge void in the lineup.

    For the Brewers, however, this is an easy decision.

The Tampa Bay Rays

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    One year after edging into the postseason in dramatic fashion, the Rays will have the majority of their team returning and looking to do it again. What they could use to improve their chances is a big bat, and Teixeira could fit the bill. 

    He could offer serious protection for Evan Longoria in the lineup and improve a team praised on playing good defense. They can also offer the Yankees good pitching, like starters James Shields or David Price. It’s a good deal for both teams, a logical one that will give each a better chance of winning in the postseason.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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    Before coming to the Yankees, Teixeira was bouncing around from team to team, going from Texas to Atlanta, and finally to Anaheim, where he played well, prompting the Yankees to sign him.

    Ever since he left, it seems as though the Angels have been missing not only his bat, but any bat. Their pitching has been outstanding, but their inability to score has hindered them from moving into the postseason and going deep to the World Series. 

    It may be time to balance their pitching with hitting and re-acquire Teixeira for their lineup in exchange for one of their star pitchers. If they offered either Jared Weaver or Dan Haren for the switch-hitter, the Yankees would have to consider the option, especially if they have an eye on either Pujols or Fielder.  

The San Francisco Giants

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    Coming off of a disappointing defense of their 2010 World Series, the Giants will be looking to return to the postseason in 2012 and could use a serious offensive boost to help them do it.  With Buster Posey returning off of a brutal injury at home plate, they will need protection for the young star.

    Trading for Teixeira may break up their young pitching force, but it may be necessary to pursue another title. Lincecum would be untouchable, but swapping for Matt Cain may be a possibility, one that would benefit both teams.

The Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Like their arch-rivals, the Dodgers are also looking for extra offense, especially with the recent signing of Matt Kemp to an enormous deal. With new ownership looking to come in, a star in center field and a Cy Young winner in Clayton Kershaw, adding a big bat to their team could be an inspiring move that could push the team forward to the playoffs.

    The only issue the Dodgers would have is their offers to make to the Yankees. The only thing New York would want from them in return is pitching, something the Dodgers don’t have enough of to satisfy the Yankees. Yes, they have Kershaw, but it would be extremely unwise to trade him away for any player in baseball, let alone a very good first baseman. If they could assemble a decent package, however, the Yankees would potentially listen.

The St. Louis Cardinals

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    Can the Cardinals really sign Albert Pujols to a deal that would lock him in until he passes 40 years old? It’s a tough decision, one that could shift the course of baseball history.  If they can’t decide to pull the trigger and lock him down, they have another option.

    If the Cardinals move on from Pujols, but still want to contend, Teixeira may help them get back to the World Series. What St. Louis has also proven is that they can virtually make-shift a championship, so trading away a star pitcher would not be the kiss of death for the team.  With a sufficient filler for Pujols in the mix, it would not be a move that’s out of the question if they know they can’t re-sign him for the price he wants.

    If the Yankees make this deal, it will allow them to pursue Pujols themselves, and they could certainly afford to pay him.