Stat Specialists: The Final Pieces for Your NBA Fantasy Title-Run

John LorgeSenior Writer IDecember 19, 2008

As fantasy owners, we are always thinking of a way to trade for LeBron James to go with our Chris Paul, or Dwyane Wade to go with our Amare Stoudemire.  We offer up three-for-one trades that get rejected faster than Usain Bolts 100M. 

Many times your team doesn't need another great player that would cost several good ones—all you need is one or two stat specialists’.

What's a stat specialist?

That guy who isn't stellar but he does one thing exceptionally well.  They can shoot threes, grab rebounds, dish out assists, nab steals, or block shots.  They might not get you much else, but they won't bring your team down, and could put you over the edge in that lacking category.

Who are these guys? Let's take a closer look.

Three Pointers

Peja Stojakovic is the most high profile specialist on the list; fantasy owners are mad they drafted him so high and are looking to unload him at a discounted price. 

Rudy Fernandez and Steve Blake are the Trail Blazers specialists who have combined for over 100 threes in 26 games.  Matt Barnes pulls the trigger in Phoenix.  Delonte West has become LeBron's trustworthy kick-out option.  J.R. Smith is the Nuggets 6th man who lets it fly without thinking twice.


Under new coach Kevin McHale, Kevin Love has had double-digit rebounds on a nightly basis.  Joel Przybilla has become Greg Oden's better half and his outstanding FG% is a bonus.  Kendrick Perkins is the leading rebounder for the Celtics.  Luis Scola is the Rockets self-less rebounder.  If you're really hurting Erick Dampier is always there. 


Surrounded who guys who love to shoot, Chris Duhon is happy to pass.  Earl Watson has moved to the bench, but can still breakout for a double-digit assist night.  Raymond Felton might be on the move to a team who needs a passer.  Rodney Stuckey is now a starter, and wants to distribute to his teammates.  Beno Udrih creates shots for teammates with his up-tempo style.


The Jazz's Ronnie Brewer is red-handed but can't be caught.  Trevor Ariza uses his long arms to disrupt the passing lanes.  Rookies Russell Westbrook and Mario Chalmers are juveniles up to no good.  Grab C.J. Watson as your last resort for steals.


High-energy bigs Ronny Turiaf and Chris Anderson were extras in the movie SWAT.  Not only can he board, but Kendrick Perkins can also block.  Joel Anthony is trying to block the sun in South beach.  Tyrus Thomas can jump out of the gym, and block a few shots along the way.  Andrea Bargnani was drafted for offensive but this season he has been most valuable as a blocker.