WrestleMania 28: Will Zack Ryder Finally Have a Chance to Shine?

Cody SlovenskyContributor IINovember 21, 2011

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

Through YouTube, Zack Ryder went from zero to hero overnight.

In the wrestling industry, the most important part of making a name for yourself is your ability to draw a crowd. The risk that Ryder took with his own YouTube show maybe the smartest thing he's ever done. 

His Internet show drew fans fast. When he literally took over Twitter, he went from a rare match on Superstars, to the main event at Raw—and even a pay-per-view match.

At Survivor Series, after Ziggler defeated Morrison, Ryder came out, attacked Ziggler and gave the impression that he will be feuding with the United States champion for a while. 

With just a little over four months left until WrestleMania 28, this is the time when superstars are noticed. Due to his fan base, it is quite obvious that Ryder will have his WrestleMania moment. Will it be a positive or a negative? 

The reason that Ryder isn't US champion could be due to the recent suspension of Evan Bourne. Bourne is one-half of the tag team champion team, part of the "Air Boom" duo. A feud with Ziggler and Swagger for the tag team title would be a fun story line. 

The biggest question mark in all of this is Mason Ryan. What will the WWE do with him? Is he going to be the next champion?

Also, what about Morrison? There are a lot of factors in play here—the safest bet is that Ryder will be a champion soon. 

A lot of big things are in store, not only for Zack Ryder, but also the entire future of the US and tag team titles.

Keep your eyes peeled. The Ryder Revolution has just begun. "Woo Woo Woo. You Know It!"