8 Things That Are Wrong with the WWE Right Now

Daniel SzewczykCorrespondent INovember 28, 2011

8 Things That Are Wrong with the WWE Right Now

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    As a fan of entertainment television, I enjoy watching the WWE on a weekly basis.

    With that being said, there are so many things that I would change or improve upon if I were in control of the WWE.

    To be perfectly clear, I do not watch the WWE for the matches (I find myself fast-forwarding through most of the matches), but more for the storylines and the drama that lead up to the matches and that follow the matches.

    I see it more as a soap opera than a sporting event.

    Here are the eight biggest things that I think are wrong with the WWE, and the entertainment that it's supposed to provide the fans with today.


Pointless Backstage Storylines

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    I'm sorry if I offend anyone when I say this: I really don't care to the see the Muppets throughout my viewing of WWE programming.

    Yes, I understand that the WWE probably got paid a decent amount of money to advertise their upcoming movie, but it's these type of storylines and "celebrity involvement" that makes me question whether I want to continue watching the WWE.

    The reason for my questioning is because I turn on WWE programming to watch wrestlers involved in different storylines and angles, not to watch fake animals (I'm not exactly sure what a Muppet is and I don't care to look it up) converse amongst one another and attempt to make friends with these wrestlers.

    Also it angers me when the WWE shows its true colors every time they start playing romantic music when Aksana appears wherever Teddy Long might be. This whole storyline is getting very tedious in itself, and that's without the fact that the creative team acknowledges to the crowd that it's kayfabe by playing that music.

    Seriously, is there an invisible radio that Aksana walks around with and turns on romantic music whenever she sees Long? Because if there isn't, I don't want to hear it added in every time these two see one another. 

Lack of "Characters"

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    This picture basically explains what I mean by this slide!

    The WWE is seriously lacking in its development of weird and strange characters. These are individuals who don't even have to be great technical wrestlers, as they draw attention to themselves by just simply being unique and strange.

    I'm not only talking about weird characters like The Boogeyman or Goldust, although those type of characters are always fun to watch, but also characters like The Undertaker and Kane, who weren't necessarily weird, but their characters were build purely to scare the entire crowd. 

    Tag teams such as the APA and Too Cool were always fun to watch as well because they always knew how to entertain the crowd with their unique and fun antics.

    Sure, today's WWE features many different personalities; however, none of the characters feature personalities that really stand out to me and make me wonder just how strange each of these personalities really is. 

    This, to me, is rather...BORING!

Lack of Tag Team Division

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    I really miss the days when many different tag teams used to wrestle in the WWE and actually stayed together as a team for at least one year.

    The chemistry some tag teams in the past had with one another made the WWE fans look at them as just one superstar, but with two bodies when it came to wrestling matches.

    Fans would feel the bond these men shared with one another and would cheer for them as they wrestled together, performing beautiful moves only that specific tag team could accomplish.

    The days of Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, APA, The Holly Cousins and Too Cool are long gone in the WWE. Those days are replaced by tag teams who last maybe six months together before they are split up, the recently broken up Awesome Truth being the perfect example.

    How are fans supposed to feel any sadness over a tag team that lasted together for four months breaking up (Awesome Truth), in comparison to feeling sadness over a team that lasted over 10 years together breaking up (The Hardy Boyz)?

    In addition, barely any more tag teams exist, which is taking away from an important aspect of the WWE.

Lack of Stables

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    I'm not sure why, but it always touches me emotionally when a group of people get together to accomplish a common task.

    This is exactly the reason why I have always been a big fan of stables in the WWE.

    I think it's great when a group of "brothers" accompany each other to the ring, support one another and constantly have fun with one another.

    Recently in the WWE, this sense of brotherhood just does not exist anymore. I believe that there should be two or three stables in the WWE at all times. They make the shows more fun because they portray a sense of teamwork and unity. 

    The creative team of the WWE was onto something when they were pitting a group of heels (Christian, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio) together; however, that stable disappeared without any reason or explanation.

    Even though this team was a group of heels bonding together, it was very cool to see them constantly working together to achieve a common goal.

    Another reason why I like stables in the WWE is because it makes for some bigger matches, compared to typical one-on-one matches.

Lack of Larger Matches

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    Not too much gets me more excited than four, five or six of the top wrestlers fighting against one another in a match or six, eight or 10 wrestlers forming two teams to fight against one another in a match.

    Besides the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, the WWE is really lacking in featuring some of the top talent competing in big matches such as fatal four-way matches and six-men or eight-men tag team matches.

    Which WWE fan doesn't like to see the top four faces in the WWE take on the top four heels in the WWE?

    Even the Survivor Series pay-per-view is beginning to feature way to many one-on-one matches, as it only featured one traditional five-on-five elimination match this year.

No WWE Bodies

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    OK...I know a guy writing about wrestlers' bodies may seem rather strange to you, but just bear with me here!

    It is hard for me to take wrestling, meant strictly for entertainment purposes, serious when characters like CM Punk, The Miz and Christian are constantly competing for heavyweight championships.

    Sure, they all may be good technical wrestlers, but when I'm watching wrestlers compete for a top prize, I want to see guys who look like they weigh 250-300 pounds of pure muscle and could bench-press 450 pounds.

    It's hard for me to believe that someone like The Miz would ever defeat someone like Ezekiel Jackson or Mason Ryan in a real-life brawl, regardless of who the actual better wrestler is.

Lack of Legitimate Heel Victories

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    I'm seriously tired of constantly watching the faces win any match they do win fairly, while the heels only win when there is some type of controversy involved on their part.

    I understand that the crowd always loves to see their favorite wrestlers win fairly and when these wrestlers do lose, they like to feel like those wrestlers were cheated out of victory, therefore, they are still the best.

    However, what keeps me coming back to the couch every week to watch the Chicago Bears play is the knowledge that they have a chance to win every game, but that there also is a chance that they will lose to their opponents.

    Even though I'm disappointed when they do lose, I am aware that if they do become champions eventually, they had to overcome obstacles to become champions, therefore making that championship that much more sweet.

    Why should the WWE be any different?

    Why shouldn't I feel disappointed when John Cena loses a match, without any controversy involved, to Alberto Del Rio?

    If and when he does become a champion again, I will feel that much more pride as a fan of his due to the fact that I had to suffer through that disappointment.

Brand Extension and Two Champions

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    Nothing angers me more about the WWE today than the fact that are two heavyweight champions at all times (WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion).

    That's like the NBA crowning two world champions in one season, one from the Eastern Conference and one from the Western Conference.

    It completely takes away any legitimacy both of the champions hold as the best current wrestlers in the WWE.

    In addition, the brand extension has taken away from some of the best current wrestlers competing against one another at any given time.

    Sure, RAW has recently expanded into a RAW SuperShow, however, just about all the feuds still pit RAW superstars against RAW superstars and Smackdown superstars against Smackdown superstars.

    It could be argued that there are too many wrestlers to have both shows featuring all the superstars, but I don't believe that many of the main wrestlers are talented enough or possess the look to headline the shows that they are a part of.