WWE Survivor Series 2011: Why The Rock Winning Was Absolutely Right Decision

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2011

You were one of the lucky few who managed to buy tickets for Survivor Series before they very quickly ran out.

You are incredibly excited to see The Rock in action as he headlines Survivor Series for the first time in years.

You can't wait for him to come out and show everyone what the Great One can do.

The Rock comes out to a monster ovation and proceeds to show absolutely no ring rust. He is the same Rock we always loved.

He is taking out Miz and R-Truth back and forth. He lets John Cena in to monstrous boos, who proceeds to get beat down until Rock enters again.

Again, you can't wait to see Rock show off his skill—until suddenly, Cena comes from behind and hits him with an AA.

The Miz crawls over to Rock and pins him for the three count.

The crowd is booing incessantly. You, having just watched the only man you came to see lose, are horribly disappointed. You cannot believe you wasted your money just to see The Rock get cheated.

The crowd is riotous, unable to be contained. Suddenly, we realize this is all the wild fantasy of a random IWC member who thought Cena would turn heel.

Instead, Rock tags in, cleans house and, much to the crowd's delight, hits the People's Elbow for the three count.

The crowd is absolutely electrified. You stand up, yelling and cheering, happy that your money was well-spent.

I give this small story as a general statement of how I think most in that audience felt about the results of the night. They wanted The Rock to win.

The idea that The Rock should have lost on Sunday is flawed in two respects: One, he is a star beyond everyone currently in the company and two, most people wanted to see Rock win.

The IWC will complain for the next several months about the result, but, honestly, nobody is going to care.

The fans who bought the PPV or bought tickets to see the show will be almost universally pleased with the result. The Rock came back and looked better than ever.

The idea that Rock would be pinned or lose on Sunday would have pleased some but outraged the masses. It was a crowd-pleasing time for what will obviously be a very profitable venture.

We all need to just calm down and accept what we got. We were given a new champion in CM Punk. Why did we need the biggest star of the night to be taken out as well? Because we are generally self-centered.

I got over it. We can all get over it. In the end, Rock beating Miz and Truth was simply the best move in the situation to give the general public a good feeling leaving the show.