WWE Survivor Series 2011 Results: Beth Phoenix Beats Eve and What It Means

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IINovember 21, 2011

Beth Phoenix defeated Eve at Survivor Series to retain her Diva’s Championship. Beth won the match by executing a very impressive Glam Slam off the top ropes.

What does the outcome of this match mean for both Eve and Beth Phoenix?

For Beth, I believe she will move on to another opponent, most likely Alicia Fox. I may despise the WWE for constantly having repeat Divas matches, but I will give props to the writers for allowing Beth to remain dominant.

We all realize the last few Divas’ matches have not been fantastic, but Beth continues to look strong in an otherwise weak division. The WWE could remove the belt from her at any time and give it to someone undeserving, but they are rolling with Beth who most fans have respect for.

It's fair to say that Beth Phoenix has defeated the two top faces in the Diva’s division and should be looked at as the most dominant woman in the WWE. Until there is a breakup between she and Natalya or the WWE finds a new face to push, Beth is going to be the champion for the foreseeable future.

What happens to Eve though?

I do not think it’s premature to say that Eve’s time in the spotlight is finished. I am fully aware that the WWE gave Beth Phoenix three consecutive chances to win the belt against Kelly Kelly, but I do not see that happening for Eve.

Eve and Kelly Kelly will mostly continue to escort Alicia Fox to the ring, and that will be all. I truly believe Alicia Fox is the next contender for Beth and that Eve will simply go back to being on the sidelines.

The WWE seems very unsure of who they want to push into the spotlight when it comes to the current Diva’s roster. Beth is an obvious lock as the dominant force, but the WWE is lacking a true face that can be a believable challenger for Beth.

Is the WWE just throwing the Eves and Alicia Foxes out there until they revamp the roster?

Perhaps. Or maybe they are just throwing different women out there to gauge fan reaction and to see if they have what it takes to perform. Kelly Kelly is a beautiful girl, but it looks like even the WWE is aware of her wrestling faults. It is possible the WWE is stalling until they can find more performers who are both attractive and gifted in the ring.

Only time will tell where this is all heading, but Beth phoenix is your current champion and I do not see that changing any time soon. Unless Alicia Fox really shows the WWE Universe something, I think she will just be another filler opponent for Beth.

Where do you think the Diva’s division is heading?

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