The Best Athlete Gifts Ever

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2011

The Best Athlete Gifts Ever

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    What do you get for the man that has everything?

    That's nice and all, but I'm more interested in what you get from the man who has everything.

    There are certain perks to knowing an athlete, being related to one or even marrying one. And one of the biggest perks has to come around the holidays. They've got some deep pockets to dig into.

    What would you want from an athlete? A car? Some ice? Let's see what athletes have given to their loved ones over the years.

Dez Bryant Buys His Teammates Dinner

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    Sometimes the best presents are the one you never realize you were giving in the first place.

    Take Dez Bryant, for instance. The new Cowboys rookie probably thought he was just going out to a regular dinner with his teammates.

    What ended up happening was Bryant paying the whole tab to the tune of $54,896. It's a good thing he looks like he'll be getting plenty of paydays from here on out, because even to a millionaire, that is not cheap.

    Especially considering the halibut was just a tad overdone.

Michael Vick Buys His Mom a House

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    All athletes dream of hitting it big so they can repay their parents for everything.

    I'm sure many, many mothers have gotten a house from their athlete children, but I'm choosing Vick because one of the first things he said once he got drafted was that he was buying his mom a house and a car.

    We don't know about the car, but we do know that his mom received a nice house in upstate Suffolk, VA.

Kobe Bryant Buys His Wife a Ring

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    Kobe Bryant may have had a less-than-pure motive for getting his wife a $4 million ring. But come on, it was a $4 million ring!

    You think it's a coincidence that Kobe is back in a happy marriage ever since then? Let that be a lesson to you folks, ladies like things that sparkle.

    I bet you can see that ring sparkle from space.

Kenny Anderson 'Buys' His Ex-Wife a Car

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    It's a sad fact that athletes are often married and divorced on multiple occasions. NBA guard Kenny Smith was married three times.

    His first wife got half of his assets, which she used part of to buy a car. And just so everyone would know who paid for the car, she had a license plate specially made.

    It said..."HISCASH."

Shane Battier Gives His Dogs a Bone

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    Not all gifts have to be for humans, you know.

    Shane Battier thoughtfully got his dogs a membership to a Rawhide-of-the-Month club.

    It's no in-ground pool, but I'd say it does beat the heck out of a Jelly-of-the-Month club. Right, Clark?