Dear Mitch Kupchak: A Valentines Day Apology

James SamsonContributor IFebruary 14, 2008

Dear Mitch,

Happy Valentines Day!

I know these past few years have been rough, but today I wanted to say sorry for all the mean things I have said about you through the years.

I am sorry I called you a clueless moron when you traded Shaq for Odom, Butler, and Brian Grant. I didn't mind losing Shaq; I just mind the people we got in return for him.

Now I realize that, aside from Brian Grant and his huge contract, we made out well with that trade.

Odom is playing the best basketball of his life. The man is a walking triple double. 

We traded Butler for Kwame (oh I am also sorry for that, but we can't blame you for that one you weren't the only person duped by Kwame—cough, Jordan), but we traded Kwame for Gasol. That was pure genius on your part.

We also used Miami's pick to draft Farmar, and I love that Bruin!

I am sorry for all the times I called you a coward for not pulling the trigger on any Bynum trades.

Now I know that you saw potential greatness in Bynum, which is something many Laker fans could not.

I am sorry I never realized how good you are at drafting players.

Even though we have had only one lottery pick since you became general manager, you hit it big by drafting Bynum.

We drafted Jordan Farmar late in the first round and he has a bright future.

We drafted Sasha "The Machine" late in the first round as well. I don't know if there is any player in the league more annoying to the opposing team's star players.

Brian Cook became a piece in another great trade you made this year—the acquisition of Trevor Ariza.

Ronny Turiaf was a steal in the second round. His enthusiasm and high basketball IQ is priceless.

Luke Walton, another second round steal, has become a solid all-around player.

Crittenton was another great pick, especially now that you packaged him and others for Gasol. Did I mention that was genius???

I am sorry I gave up on you and the Laker management when you didn't put both Kobe and me out of our misery by trading him to the Bulls, who at the time seemed like a better team.

Thank god you didn't trade Kobe or else I would have either moved to Chicago or subscribed to NBA league pass. Neither of which a starving student like myself can afford.

Lastly I am sorry for all the times I wanted you fired.

I should have known that with an MBA from UCLA's Anderson you invested for the long-term.  


Your new loyal supporter, James