WWE Survivor Series 2011 Results: 10 Matches We Need to Get at TLC

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistNovember 21, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2011 Results: 10 Matches We Need to Get at TLC

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    What a night!

    I know I will remember it for a long to come, but it is time to look forward.

    WWE has a great chance in one month to give us another great pay-per-view with time to really build.

    Most of the rivalries are already there.

    All it takes is some good build up and announcing the matches ahead of time.

    The big question is: what matches do we want to see?

    Lately, WWE has done a great job of creating a solid card; however, there is always room to improve.

    I know I want TLC to be great.

    Which would entail less Chair matches, a great ladder and a phenomenal TLC match.

    Following are 10 matches that need to happen on the TLC card come December 18, 2011.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder: Ladder Match

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    What a match this would be!

    Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler have developed a chemistry that continues to grow.

    While Ryder has never been in a ladder match, there is no doubt in my mind that he could do well in one.

    These guys could easily steal the show with this match.

    Imagine the spots these two athletic stars could do here.

    Ladders will fall. There will be bumps aplenty.

    It would be an awesome opener giving Ryder his first real title at the end of it all.

2. The Miz and R-Truth vs. John Cena and Sheamus: No Holds Barred

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    Why have another tag match?

    Because Cena will be wanted on PPV, and Miz/Truth could sure use the boost.

    I say add Sheamus to the mix this time who is a face on the brink of the World Title.

    Sadly, after Sunday, he won't get a match for this next month for that title.

    He needs someone to face that he can beat and have a good match with.

    The same is true for Cena who needs to gain more momentum for WrestleMania.

    It works for everyone especially with a solid, hardcore stipulation.

    Sadly, it would probably be a Chairs match instead.

3. The Miz vs. John Cena: Tables Match

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    Okay, I couldn't decide on which match would work better, so I display both options.

    Miz vs. Cena works to provide us with a great match that will keep Cena hot.

    The heat will be there.

    The main problem is keeping Truth away from the match.

    Maybe he is banned from ringside.

    All I know is this would be a solid contest and a way of keeping Cena on PPV for WWE to smile about.

    The tag match might make more sense, though.

4. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton: Tables Match

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    The Barrett Barrage is in full swing and all it needs is a major victim.

    I am of course talking about Randy Orton.

    If Wade Barrett can get this high profile match and use it to make big, he will be a star.

    Sure, it is a Tables match which makes winning easier, but it still is a win.

    It would be a great, brutal contest, and Barrett is almost guaranteed to win.

    Sounds great to me.

5. Mark Henry vs. Big Show: Chairs Match

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    I hate Chairs matches. A lot.

    They make no sense.

    They may as well just be No Holds Barred matches.

    However, according to WWE, they must happen, so I say make it this one.


    Because it makes perfect sense.

    The two have been destroying each other not with ladders or tables.

    They have been destroying one another with chairs.

    We saw Show get crushed at Money in the Bank with a chair.

    Survivor Series saw Show give back the hit.

    Seems perfect to me.

6. Air Boom vs. Hunico and Epico: Ladder Match

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    For the tag team titles.

    Epico and Hunico are a heel team that are phenomenal to watch.

    They are on their way up and could solidify that by beating the team that has held the titles for months.

    A ladder match between these high-fliers would be phenomenal.

    We already know what Bourne and Kingston can do with a ladder.

    The question is what can Hunico and Epico do with a ladder.

    Should be exciting.

    By the way, this team needs a name.

    Their FCW name, Los Aviadores, doesn't quite fit anymore.

    Any suggestions?

7. Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Eve: Ladder Match

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    I call for this fatal four way each month.

    Now, it has to happen.

    There is no way that we can get anything else, I hope.

    Think about the implications of a match like this.

    Natalya could win the title causing a separation between the Divas of Doom.

    Eve or Kelly could turn on each other finally creating some extra shadings to their characters.

    Oh, I forgot about the whole fact that it could be an awesome ladder match.

    I know, I'm dreaming, but think of a women's match with actual no disqualification rules.

    Kelly and Eve could do the high flying while Beth and Natalya do the hard hitting spots.

    Was that Glam Slam off the top rope only the beginning?

    I hope so, though, it would probably just be a tables match somehow.

8. Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes: TLC Match

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    This right here is basically just dream-booking on my part.

    With Rhodes seeming to be fazed out of a feud with Orton, I think he will move on and defend his Intercontinental Title for a few months.

    You know who else could use a real PPV match? Daniel Bryan.

    This match has show-stealer written all over it.

    Both men are phenomenal athletes and can wrestle as high-fliers and vicious fighters.

    Bryan could lose here, and I would be fine, though a win would be nice momentum heading into WM.

    Either way, does this match not seem like awesomeness waiting to happen?

9. Kevin Nash vs. Triple H

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    Why do we need this match?

    So that this feud can end.

    We know it is coming.

    It has to be addressed.

    The match will have Kevin Nash and Triple H in the center of the ring glaring at each other.

    HHH will throw a right punch. Nash will knock down Triple H with a boot.

    Nash will try to bounce off the ropes, crack something in his leg, fall over and the match will end.

    WWE will finally realize that Nash is not a wrestler anymore and that this all needs to stop.

10. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio: TLC Match

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    CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio was the best technical match this year.

    Not the best as far as drama and emotion, but the ability displayed here was phenomenal.

    If you had TLC to the mix, it only gets better.

    I believe that CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio with about 30 minutes could give us the most athletic, impressive and engrossing match this year.

    Others will disagree with some of the above, but Punk and Del Rio are the top two wrestlers on Raw.

    They would show it more than ever here.

    I would love to see this match.


    Thanks for reading!