BCS National Championship: Are the Houston Cougars BCS Bound?

Corbin WeaverContributor IIINovember 20, 2011

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 19: Quarterback Case Keenum #7 of the Houston Cougars rushes for a touchdown against Southern Methodist University Mustangs on November 19, 2011 at Robertson Stadium in Houston, Texas. Houston defeated SMU 37-7.  (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

This weekend, we witnessed what could have been the most thrilling weekend in recent college football memory. Three teams ranked in the top five lost sending the rankings into a whirlwind.

After this weekend only two teams remain unbeaten in the top 25, LSU and Houston.

Over the past few years, many people have argued that an undefeated non-AQ team should have a shot at the national championship. i.e Boise State.

This year Houston has a legitimate shot at the national championship, as being one of the two undefeated teams. This has not happened before due to there being multiple Automatic Qualifier teams being undefeated.

While Houston has not played a rigorous non-conference schedule, they do have a win over UCLA, who may play in the Pac-12 title game representing the south. While UCLA may not be the best team in the Pac-12, this should be evidence enough to convince some folks that Houston is a contender.  

Currently, Houston is ranked eighth in the AP top 25. Later tonight we find out where they stand in the BCS standings. As long as Houston wins out, they have solidified an “At Large” spot in a BCS game, and an interesting case for a shot at the national championship game being one of two teams remaining undefeated.

If we have learned anything from this past weekend with Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Oregon all losing while being favored, we know that next week’s matchup between LSU and Arkansas could result in an interesting finish. If LSU were to fall to Arkansas, what happens then? Would Houston play in the national championship game against an SEC team that did not win the conference?

This year the voters and the computers should give the Cougars and non-AQ teams a shot. Being one of the last undefeated teams should be evidence enough that they should go.

All Houston can do now is win out and sit back at watch the voters and computers try and sort this mess out.