WWE Survivor Series 2011: Beth Phoenix Will Annihilate Eve to Keep Diva's Title

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IINovember 20, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2011: Beth Phoenix Will Annihilate Eve to Keep Diva's Title

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    At WWE Survivor Series, Eve gets another shot at Beth Phoenix and the WWE Diva's Championship.  At Vengeance, Eve was unsuccessful in her quest to win her third title as the "Divas of Doom" continued to reign supreme.

    It's great to see that there are multiple Divas in this feud that are getting their opportunities to be champion and that the former champion, Kelly Kelly, is stepping aside to let her friend get her shot.

    This won't last forever, however, as in the WWE, there can only be one champion. But with this feud continuing to be strong, we might only see either Natalya, Phoenix, Eve or Kelly come out of it all as the champion.

    For this event, it makes sense that Phoenix keeps the title, and here's why.

Divas of Doom Are over with the Crowd

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    When i say "over," I mean that they are more over than any heel Diva has been in a while.  Not since LayCool have there been Divas more hated, and not since Lita was with Edge and she was having main-event RAW matches with Trish have there been a Divas more revered in the WWE than Phoenix and Natalya.

    I commend them for their work and in that sense, Phoenix deserves a long-awaited title run, and it can only continue through Eve at Survivor Series.

    Having the Divas of Doom on both RAW and Smackdown gives the Diva's division some energy and something more to look forward to in their segments than waiting in line for a "Steveweiser."


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    As mentioned before, a long title run is much deserved for a worker like Phoenix.  She's put up with a lot and hasn't gotten rewarded much for it.

    Imagine when Kharma comes back.  There are endless possibilities for Phoenix vs. Kharma.  Both are powerhouses and both are great workers.  A feud over the title would be excellent, in my opinion, and either of them could be face or heel when it comes to it.

    As a face, Phoenix could turn like CM Punk did, as a hard worker, voicing her frustration over how downhill the Diva's division has been recently.  We're not saying she's going to be as big as her ex(?)-boyfriend but big enough to bring some buzz to the division, as she is now.  Kharma could come back and continue her path of destruction and run into the brick wall that is the Diva's Champion.

    As a heel, Phoenix can do what she's doing now and rip apart the division, doing so with Natalya until Kharma makes her return as a face, leading to an epic clash.

    Just a thought, but in order for this to happen, Phoenix needs to keep the belt, thus she will retain it at Survivor Series.

Lumberjill Match

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    Phoenix can showcase her skill right in front of the entire Diva's locker room, as this Survivor Series match is a Lumberjill match.

    Coming up big in what I am expecting to be a melee at ringside will do great things for her career, not just the fact that she will defeat Eve again, assuming dominance over Kelly Kelly and Eve.

    What do you think?


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