Daily Buzz: Blue Jackets Epiphany

Nate SantoianniCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2008

“I think I just had an apostrophe!”

~ ”I think you mean an epiphany”

“Lightning...has just struck my brain!”

I’ve just had one of those moments where everything in the world seems to make sense. I’ll get to that in a moment. 

In one of the few games I’ve been able to attend this year, the Jackets showed what they are made of.  It was kind of boring offensively in the first and second, but it was great to see Mason in action.  48 shots, my Lord. 

Onto my apostrophe (that’s from Hook by the way).  So we were sitting in the corner of the lower bowl only feet from the crazy dancing Swedish guys—clearly soccer fans, clearly hooligans.  But you know what?  Their antics got that section excited!  It made us feel that it was OK to act nuts and root for your team. 

So what happened in the third?  With the Sharks attack in our end, we went ballistic with every save, every hit, every...well anything.  And the result was a Bluejackets team that dug down and thwarted a Shark power play in the last four minutes of play.

Where are my ramblings leading?  From some of the comments from people around, I gathered that they were not impressed by the dancing Swedes and the “refs” behind the glass.  They didn’t cheer for a minor hit or a sharp angle save. 

These are things that they expect because they are fans that have followed the game for ages.  You don’t cheer for something that should be routine (hitting) is their belief.

But you know what?  Our boys respond to a loud crowd.  We need to get as many drunken idiots packed into Nationwide as possible.  Get people in there that don’t know a blueline from a clothesline. 

Draw them in with dollar PBR or something—that’s what the Cinci Cyclones do.  What will you get?  Any minor body check, any shot, any time they clear the zone, you’ll get them hootin' and hollerin' and cheering for the Jackets. 

Nationwide is too quiet of a place.  Too easy for away teams to come in and feel comfortable, non-threatened.  We need soccer hooligans, college frat boys, red necks—we need to pack Nationwide with enough people to turn our golf clap into a roar of bloodthirsty mayhem! 

Because I’ll tell you this, even if they’d lost last night, the third period of that game where the fans were really in the game, was the best period I’d ever experienced.  I’d go back just for that in a heartbeat.

Nationwide, Blue Jackets—get with the program. 


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