Roger Clemens Overkill: Enough With the Steroid-HGH Scandal

Rob WunschCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2008

I have finally had enough of the Steroid-HGH scandal.

This country has some serious problems. I don’t pay taxes so the U.S. Government can fix the problems of Major League Baseball.  Congress rationalizes that the time and money spent on the hearings will protect Americans from higher taxes and health premiums down the road.

Congress points out that these hearings are necessary to prevent the abuse of steroids for everyone, not just professional athletes. Rep. Tom Davis said, “We are here to save lives, not ruin careers.”

It seems to me the hearings are more about saving Roger Clemens' reputation than saving lives.  

I agree that all the publicity and negative public reaction can only help prevent a child or young adult from using performance-enhancing drugs. Is it important that we spread this message? Sure it is. However, a public witch hunt by the government is not the most efficient way to get this point across.  

There are so many problems in the world: the war, gas prices, hunger; I could go on and on. What in the world is Congress thinking hosting an argument between two liars? This type of entertainment should be on Jerry Springer, not C-SPAN or CNN.       

It has been estimated that Major League Baseball invested 20 million dollars for the Mitchell Report. What purpose does the Mitchell Report serve? I already knew players were using performance-enhancing drugs. Why do I care who was using? Why do I care if they can prove it with a report of more "he said, she said" garbage? I can get that information on ESPN every night. 

Steroids in baseball have been a problem for years. Bud Selig, in the middle of a PR nightmare, decides its time to clean up baseball. One of baseball’s most coveted records, the HR record, is going to be tainted by Barry Bonds.

No problem—clean up baseball by putting procedures and tests in place so players cannot get away with it. Make the penalties so severe that the risks out-weigh the rewards.

Stop wasting our time with useless hearings and complicated reports.