WWE Survivor Series 2011: Will Sunday Be John Morrison's Last Night in WWE?

TC VreelandCorrespondent IIINovember 20, 2011

John Morrison has been handed an opportunity to win the United States Championship in a match against Dolph Ziggler.  While on paper it may seem like the perfect chance for Morrison to break out of his current slump, the behind-the-scenes speculations are all signaling a disappointing night for him.

So how disappointing will it be?  I truly believe that Morrison will be buried and tonight will be his very last night as a WWE superstar.

Morrison's WWE contract is expected to run out at the end of this month, and while talks could always continue (as they did with CM Punk and others in the past) there is really nothing in WWE that would make me think that Morrison would opt to stay.

One main point that would pursued Morrison to leave WWE is that his real-life girlfriend, Melina, was recently fired by WWE.  Even with all the infidelity and other rumors surrounding Morrison and Melina, the two still appear to be very close, so it would make sense for Morrison to leave in order to continue his life where he would potentially be happier.

Morrison is also losing the appeal with fans, and I feel that WWE has recognized this and stopped developing him as a character.  His sales seem to be down, as does the fan support for him in arenas across the country. 

His recent slump proves that WWE is slowly working him out of the main event and even mid-card statuses.  His recent win over Ziggler seems to only be a way to make him relevant enough for the PPV, but not relevant enough for anyone to care when he disappears after tonight.

But Morrison still has a match tonight, so what is going to have to happen in order for WWE to write him off for good?  Here's how I think it is going to go down.

Zack Ryder has been petitioning for another shot at the United States Title, receiving nearly 20,000 signatures in the process.  Interim RAW GM John Laurinaitis has only brought more light to the topic by denying him that shot and giving it to Morrison. 

With all the press (on WWE.com) that this has received, I don't think that we are going to see a Ryder-less Survivor Series.

So how will Ryder get thrown into the match?  I wouldn't doubt that Laurinaitis turns the match into a triple threat at the last second, giving the fans what they truly want.  However, just putting Ryder in the match doesn't give WWE a way to write Morrison off of television.

In order to do that, Morrison needs to get hurt, badly.  This could be done in really one of two ways.  First, he could be attacked backstage, leaving Laurinaitis to have to put Ryder in the match, as there will be no other contender, or if the match is turned into a triple threat, Morrison could go for a really high-risk maneuver and "injure" himself in the process.

WWE wrote Sin Cara off of television easily several months ago by having him go through a table, so there's no reason Morrison couldn't take a big bump and be given a storyline injury, only to have us forget about him during his recovery.

So which scenario do I have my money on?  I would go with the second one, only because I don't see there being a superstar who would attack Morrison backstage.  As much has he may be disliked behind the scenes, he still portrays a face.

In the end, I think that tonight is going to end up with the start and end of a career.  Morrison will leave WWE, never truly achieving what many thought he would, and Ryder is going to walk out of Madison Square Garden as the new United States Champion, on his way to becoming a future WWE Champion.