NCAA Football: After Oklahoma State Loss, LSU, SEC Emerge as Winners

Joshua Bergeron@JoshpbergContributor IIINovember 20, 2011

LSU runs out of the tunnel Saturday before their match-up against SEC West counterpart Ole Miss.
LSU runs out of the tunnel Saturday before their match-up against SEC West counterpart Ole Miss.Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Anyone can agree that this weekend has been one to remember in college football. Three teams in the top 10 lost, leaving six remaining undefeated teams and two undefeated teams. Wait, two undefeated teams? 

Yes. Houston, the perennial Cinderella story. Although I agree they are a good team, the entire college football world knows Houston cannot stand up to a team from an automatic qualifier conference.

One can immediately remove them from the equation simply by quality of schedule. However, there will always be an argument for Boise State and Houston to get shots at the title.

Now we move on to present day. LSU will undoubtedly remain No. 1 in next week's BCS standings. Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma and either Oregon or Oklahoma State will fill out the rest of the top five in my opinion.

No matter who emerges from other conferences, the fact of the matter is that there will be three SEC teams in the BCS top five next week. The SEC is in prime position to grab their sixth straight National Championship. 

While I am just as nervous about LSU's game against Arkansas as every other LSU fan, I know the SEC continues to enforce its dominance on the college football world.

Fans of teams in other conferences will always argue for their respective conference. They cannot compare their accolades to what the SEC has accomplished in five short years and probably a sixth.

While we all expect the SEC West to outperform the SEC East, I want the rest of the nation to remember that the SEC should always get the edge against other teams when deciding who to put in the BCS National Championship.

While I would prefer to avoid an LSU rematch against Alabama, Oregon, or Arkansas, another game against Alabama would be a much better match-up than hoping Houston or Oklahoma State can put up a fight.