UFC 139 Results: What We Learned from Chris Weidman vs. Tom Lawlor

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent INovember 19, 2011

Chris Weidman fought on the UFC 139 fight card, and yet again came away with another impressive victory, this time over Tom Lawlor.

It only took two minutes for Weidman to finish Lawlor and he did it with another choke. Lawlor quickly went to sleep and was left wondering where he was after Weidman let go.

Weidman won his third consecutive UFC fight to improve to 7-0 and now could be getting a tougher matchup in his next fight.


What We'll Remember About This Fight

Probably Tom Lawlor's walkout. I mean how could you NOT go with this? Lawlor is known for his wacky entrance songs and coming out to "Let's Get Physical" while wearing a pink tie, headband and rubber band around his back.

Pretty priceless.


What We Learned About Chris Weidman

Weidman is definitely for real and locks up yet another win to improve to 7-0 and yet another submission finish—his second in a row.


What We Learned About Tom Lawlor

His last fight was a year ago so I'm going to cut him some slack here and just say he was rusty. Nothing much more you can do against a former college wrestler taking you down and choking you out.


What's Next for Chris Weidman?

I think Weidman should get a step up in competition. His three fights in the UFC he has been very impressive so I think a top-15 middleweight is in order.


What's Next for Tom Lawlor?

Well maybe first waking up after that choke. Then maybe a nice return fight against a lower ranked middleweight. He'll probably get a UFC newcomer in his next fight.


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