Virginia Tech in the BCS National Championship?

Brooks WilliamsContributor IINovember 19, 2011

The Virginia Tech Hokies have quietly made their way back into the top 10 since their October 1st loss to Clemson at home. Now, it's time to entertain the thought of the Hokies playing in the national championship with the recent upsets at the top of the BCS rankings.

Many pieces would have to fall into place for Virginia Tech, beginning with wins over Virginia in the Commonwealth Cup and Clemson in the ACC Championship. However, with the way Frank Beamer has his team playing at this point in the season, anything could happen.

David Wilson is leading the nation in rushing with 1,442 yards and shows no signs of slowing up. Logan Thomas has put up impressive numbers in his first year under center (60.4% completion, 2,338 yards, 16 TDs, 7 INTs, 387 rushing yards, 9 rushing TDs).

Thomas' dual threat as a rusher and a passer with an experienced offensive line, great running backs (Wilson, Josh Ogelsby) and a stellar receiving corps (Danny Coale, Jarrett Boykin, D.J. Coales, Marcus Davis, Chris Drager) makes them very versatile and difficult to defend against.

Then there's Virginia Tech's defense, which has played extremely well while dealing with multiple season-ending injuries to starters and even reserves. The Hokies' defense ranks in the top 10 in scoring defense in the country.

Yes, I know they play in the ACC and did not have a strong out-of-conference schedule, but you have to give credit where credit's due. Bud Foster has once again found a way to stop teams regardless of his defense's youth and injuries.

So we know Virginia Tech has the potential and will most likely head into postseason play with a record of 12-1. But what about the teams ahead of them in the BCS rankings? Well, Clemson and Oklahoma State lost in embarrassing fashion this week and will surely drop behind the Hokies when the new rankings are released.

Arkansas will face off against LSU this coming Friday in what will most likely be a loss for the Razorbacks. The following weekend, on December 3rd, is the Bedlam game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Here, Virginia Tech needs Oklahoma State to beat the Sooners in order to be in the top of the final BCS standings with Oregon, Alabama and LSU.

Now for the debate, who should play undefeated LSU in the national championship? Alabama or Oregon, who have both already played and lost to the Tigers or Virginia Tech. Yes, Oregon and Alabama are probably going to be ranked higher, but the Hokies have the opportunity to leap Alabama and Oregon in the BCS rankings with an impressive win over Clemson in the ACC Championship and an Oregon loss to USC or in the Pac-12 championship.

Also, Virginia Tech presents an interesting matchup for LSU on both sides of the ball. Logan Thomas' dual-threat ability, like Oregon's Devin Thomas and David Wilson's strong running, like Alabama's Trent Richardson, on offense pose a challenge to LSU's stout defense. And although Virginia Tech's defense is not as stacked as Alabama's defense, it is definitely better than Oregon's defense.

Also, if you give Bud Foster a month to prepare for an offense, you can bet his defense will be ready. Finally, there's "Beamer Ball" scheming against the Mad Hatter's crazy play-calls, which should make for an exciting BCS national championship.

Overall, I know this is a stretch, and some teams in front of them will have to lose, but Virginia Tech is definitely in the mix. Also, Virginia Tech is an interesting matchup against LSU in the national championship for all those not in favor of a rematch.

If by the craziest of scenarios this happens, Virginia Tech would have their second chance at their first national championship. All Hokie Nation can do is wait for the remainder of the season to unfold. "Enter Sandman" might still be heard playing in the Louisiana Superdome come January 9th.