Mets' Starting Pitching Wheel of Fortune

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IDecember 17, 2008

The Mets have to get themselves one or two starting pitchers, but which ones will fit the bill?

The Mets have many options to fill the rotation. Here are some pitchers that the Mets are looking at starting high and working back to minor league contract level—basically the bottom of the barrel.

I call this the starting pitching wheel of fortune:

Derek Lowe

The Mets would love to get their hands on this RHP, but his price will be close to $14-15 million annually. He is 36 years old and wants a four-year contract. The last time they have someone a contract like this, was Pedro Martinez. See what that got them? A lot of grief.

Oliver Perez

This lefty has shown he can play in the city. He is very erratic at times and the Mets feel he is not worth the price tag, reportedly five years for $70 million. The thing Perez has on his side is he is left handed and he is younger than most pitchers on the market.

Ben Sheets

The Mets have not looked into Sheets because of his injury history. They would rather get someone who is more stable for the money. It would take an incentive-laden deal to get him to Queens, and that's not going to happen.

Andy Pettitte

The Yanks want him back, but at their price. I don't know if the Mets are willing to give Pettitte more than $10 million, but you never know at this point.

Randy Wolf

The Mets will have interest in Wolf if they don't land Perez. He is left handed and he won't demand so much. He is 32 years old and has played in Philly!

Jon Garland

I don't understand why this pitcher is not signed.  He is 28 years old and has played on a championship team. He is not a strikeout pitcher, but does put the ball in play a lot. Maybe the Mets and other teams feel too much!

Tim Redding

Redding is 30 years old and played for the Nationals last year. He won 10 games with a bad team and his agent feels he could have won 15. He would have to be a fall back option...

Pedro Martinez

Many like Jose Reyes want Pedro back because they say he brings energy to the team and everyone likes him. But does that mean he can still pitch? I can see the Mets giving him a minor league deal to prove himself, but will Pedro do that? Maybe a long reliever in Minaya's eyes?

Bartolo Colon

Here is someone Minaya knows pretty well. But he has to fall in the same category as Pedro at this point (low risk, high reward).

Eric Milton

What can Milton bring to the table at this point? He is a lefty and probably will be a last resort. Minor league deal would have to suit him.

Freddy Garcia

Minaya had his eyes on him last year coming off surgery, but I can't see Minaya giving him anything but an incentive-based deal to land on the big club.

The Mets will end up with one or two of these gems. They will also give a shot to Jon Niese in spring training for the fifth slot. So it might be more realistic if the Mets get another right-hander like Lowe. That is if his price drops dramatically.