Omar Minaya Interviews with Boomer and Carton

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IDecember 17, 2008

The King of Comedy to Mets Fans, Craig Carton, was at it again with Mets GM Omar Minaya on WFAN this morning. 

I finally got to listen to what Minaya and Boomer/Carton had to say and I thought it was a very candid interview with a lot of things to ingest.

In the interview Carton congratulated Omar on getting K-Rod. What really surprised me was that Rodriguez wanted to be a Met all along because he likes the city and was willing to take less to come here.

Minaya also said that the addition to J.J. Putz took a lot of work, but now the bullpen is really improved. Putz has given no indications that he wants to close and will accept his role. He is happy to be here because he is a competitor and wants to win.

On the starting pitching front, Minaya would like to add at least two veterans to the staff. It sounds like he will try to land a higher tier guy like Perez or Lowe and try to get a lesser valued guy like a Wolf or Redding for the back end.

He also said that the Mets have to be creative and that could mean that they could bring in a Bartolo Colon or Freddie Garcia for protection.

In addition he said that he likes that the Mets have two kids like Parnell and Niese to battle it out in spring training for the fifth spot.

Carton was hinting to Minaya about trying to land Manny Ramirez, but Minaya said that after he fine tunes the rotation and pitching overall he would see if he can add offense to the team.

He acknowledged that Manny was a great player, but does not think that Manny Ramirez is a solution because he believes that Murphy and Tatis can get it done in left for the time being.

Minaya believes that his offense was not the problem last year, and vows to get more pitching. The motto he likes to live by is "Pitching, speed, and defense."

About the second base position he said that Luis Castillo is our second baseman for now. Luis is working out in the Mets facility trying to get in better shape.

Carton hinted to Minaya about Orlando Hudson and Minaya responded that he has a Christmas wish list, too. (I guess he is on it). What I took from that is if the Mets could get rid of Castillo and bring in Hudson they would do it in a New York minute.

On the Cole Hamels comments made about a week ago—that they are "choke artists"—Minaya responded by saying that he does not believe in talking about other teams and he doesn't think his players should either.

He does not think that it was a fair assessment about his team. He believes that the Mets played the best they could and they overachieved considering what the pitching staff went through last year. He realizes that the Phillies took care of business on the field and congratulated them.

Last but not least, Carton asked Minaya about the Madoff Scandal that supposedly rocked Fred Wilpon's company and if it would have any effects on the Mets' personal decisions going forward.

Minaya said that he spoke to Jeff Wilpon about the issue and it would not have any effects on the Mets' decision process because they are two different entities. Minaya said the Mets are in full game mode and intend to improve this team. They are looking at "A" free agents and the baseball side is operating normally.

If you want check out the audio from this morning, click here!