Lee Corso Apology: Why We Have Yet to See His Final Apology

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Lee Corso Apology: Why We Have Yet to See His Final Apology
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Lee Corso got way too excited on College Gameday today, and after saying "f**k it" on national television he made this apology.

After trying and failing to blow a horn he said this as he threw the horn away and put on a Cougars' mascot's head.

Corso is the type of announcer who lets you know exactly what he's thinking, and he lets his emotions get the best of him: that's what makes him fun to watch, and it's why he has a job.

Unfortunately Corso went too far today, and we now see what happens when you don't control your emotions to some degree.

Corso was right in making this apology, and while I'm sure that he is definitely sorry that this happened, this will not be his last apology.

Corso still has to be the crazy announcer for College Gameday, and he has to let his emotions run wild.  If he doesn't he will surely lose his job, so he must act the same way.

While I obviously don't condone his behavior, Corso cannot change.  This will lead to him cursing at least one more time and having to give another apology.

This is just the type of guy who Corso is.  He lets everything hang out and that can lead to some ill-advised language at times.

Corso simply made a mistake, and while his is very costly because so many people were watching, we all make mistakes.

Social media won't let him forget this, however, as Twitter blew up mere seconds after this happened.  Then videos were posted online, and his mistake will live forever.

While he will certainly face some form of punishment, Corso will not be forced to change his persona, as it is exactly what ESPN needs.  Instead he will stay the same, and we will see another apology in the coming years.

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