BCS National Championship Matchups That Would Blow Up Predictions

Joye Pruitt@joyethewarSenior Analyst INovember 19, 2011

BCS National Championship Matchups That Would Blow Up Predictions

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    The BCS National Championship is an opportunity for college teams to go for all of the Tostitos. All of the chips and the salsa lie in a single bowl game that will determine if the entire regular season had been bled for naught. The LSU Tigers are projected to boil over Ole Miss, skim past Arkansas and battle through Georgia in the SEC Championship, all leading to a BCS National Championship berth.

    The problem with those standing predictions is that all others have crumbled in the light of teams that have been deemed of lesser talent, depth and/or substance. Iowa State was in an uncontrolled duel against the Oklahoma State Cowboys and in double OT managed to come out with the rights to an undefeated record that the Cowboys had once held. Of course it means nothing in the long haul for the Cyclones, but it completely knocked Oklahoma State out of the picture.

    It would be too much like right if college football remained that simple.

    However, analysts and experts are repeatedly being questioned this season as teams, who are supposed to win these games against unranked and desolate opponents, have come up short. This leaves the door wide open to NCAA basketball tourney-like disappointments and one-loss teams that have climbed back into the race. If a single loss knocks the Cowboys that far down the board, what matchups have regained life as the road to the BCS Championship struts on?

LSU vs. Alabama: A Rematch of the Game of the Century

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    This is the most obvious of the bunch. It would be an ugly game rearing its head only to become uglier mid-January. There is some hope that each offensive scheme would redeem itself, but the truth of the matter is that while the egos would grow, the defense would not dwindle. There is no escaping the fact that the strength of both LSU and Alabama come in their defenses.

    Trent Richardson is a nice fraction of Crimson Tide’s plan of attack, but LSU’s defense would still not allow much forward progression from the Heisman-worthy running back. He would find gaps and he may burst out of a few tackles, but nothing would shift enough for this game to resemble a shoot-out. Neither squad would allow it.

    Still, the probability of this rematch lies heavy on the hearts of the BCS rankings. After that Oklahoma State loss, No. 3 Alabama moves up in the pecking order as long as they force past Georgia Southern. The Tigers are not expected to fail in the face of Ole Miss. (Key phrase: Not expected.)


    No. 1 LSU Tigers (13-0) vs. No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1)

Alabama vs. Oregon: Oregon’s Second Straight BCS Championship Berth

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    No one would see it coming. In a fashion that only college football knows, Oregon has stepped up and could be rewarded for keeping a semi-blemish free record. Of course their loss to LSU will remain for the present, but their game plan up to this point has been to look forward without dwelling upon the mistakes of the past.

    LaMichael James has been playing lights out and after losing in a shaky BCS game that featured the top two teams in America without their A-games, he would be tempted to give it another go.

    It would only happen if LSU were to lose to the Arkansas Razorbacks and then go on to lose the SEC Championship game against the Georgia Bulldogs. The Tigers would still be featured in the SEC Championship game because even with a single loss, they would win the tiebreaker over Alabama.

    But, after losing two games in a row, as the BCS rankings seem more prone to react to the “now” than the complete resume of a program, LSU would be in no position to perform for all the marbles. The Crimson Tide would remain in their position after not competing in a championship game and the Oregon Ducks would conveniently move up to No.1 only after securing the Pac-12 Inaugural Championship game.


    No. 1 Oregon Ducks (12-1) vs. No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1)

LSU vs. Oregon: No More Crimson Tide

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    With Alabama out of the way, the Oregon Ducks would make their way to the No. 2 spot, of course after the feud against USC is played out and the Pac 12 is won. However, LSU would have to keep their eyes on the prize and win their next three meetings, and Alabama would have to fall to either Georgia Southern or the struggling to get by Auburn Tigers.

    If this were an Iron Bowl being played with last year’s rosters in mind, Auburn would have a hell of a chance. But history is not speaking volumes as to the success of Gus Malzahn’s offense this season, so this may turn out a tad bit differently than Gene Chizik would have desired.


    No. 1 LSU Tigers (13-0) vs. No. 2 Oregon Ducks (12-1)

LSU vs. Oklahoma: A Lot of Losses

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    These are the things that would have to happen in order for Oklahoma to be born again in this BCS Championship game race:

    • Alabama loses to Auburn in the Iron Bowl
    • Oregon loses to USC or the Pac-12 Championship Game
    • Oklahoma would have to win big against Oklahoma State

    Not just one of these things would have to happen. Each thing on that list would have to happen in order for the Sooners to restore their position in the BCS Championship game. It is not likely, but neither was their loss to Texas Tech or Oklahoma State’s loss to the Iowa State Cyclones.

Just Not Happening: Teams That Can Kiss Their BCS Championship Chances Goodbye

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    Stanford Cardinals: Sorry, Stanford fans. The only chance Andrew Luck had of visiting the BCS Title game was if the Cardinals could have remained undefeated. Oregon squandered those hopes so just be happy with a probable Fiesta Bowl entry.

    Arkansas Razorbacks: Although it may seem as if the Razorbacks are sitting comfortably at the No. 6 position in BCS rankings just itching to move up, they still have to face a hungry LSU Tigers team at the end of the regular season.

    Even if they win out, they are still sitting behind Alabama and Oregon. If those two teams drop the ball as well, Oklahoma moves up in the rankings. The Razorbacks will not even participate in a BCS Bowl game this season. Probably not, that is.

    Oklahoma State: After that overtime loss to Iowa State, nothing is keeping them in the race for the BCS Title game by any means. Maybe they will luck out and not fall so far that they cannot recover after a possible win over the Sooners.

    There is a chance, no matter how slim. However, if you watched the display against the Cyclones Friday night, you would understand the standing concern going into an end of the season game against a Sooners team that has won their last two. Then again, Oklahoma does meet Iowa State and with a little swagger, the Cyclones may be able to put them away as well.