Survivor Series 2011: Why Dolph Ziggler Will Maul John Morrison to Keep US Title

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IINovember 19, 2011

Survivor Series 2011: Why Dolph Ziggler Will Maul John Morrison to Keep US Title

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    Dolph Ziggler has to pull double duty once again at Survivor Series, as he is set to defend the United States Championship against John Morrison.

    Ziggler is also on Team Barrett as they face Team Orton in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

    This will be the second PPV in a row where Ziggler is in two separate matches, following the Vengeance PPV where he, along with Jack Swagger, lost to Air Boom in a tag-team title match and then retained the US Title against Zack Ryder.

    Morrison is back in the swing of things after ending his three-month losing streak by defeating Ziggler on RAW on November 7 in a non-title match.

    Despite that win, Ziggler should retain his US Title at Survivor Series, and here's why.

He Is Soooo Good at This!

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    He said it with the title on RAW and he was right—he has been one of the most consistent heels in the company for a little while now. Although we didn't think much of him when he was a member of the Spirit Squad, this version of him has the full package: athleticism, charisma and the ability to generate heat at any given moment, though, you can chalk that last one up to his manager, who we will talk about in a moment.

    As discussed about the Intercontinental Title and Cody Rhodes a while back, the US Title needs some credibility.  Ziggler has had the belt since Capitol Punishment in June and has been carrying it through plenty of challengers along the way.

    He might be considered lucky by the way he has held onto the belt on some occasions, but when it comes down to it, this former World Heavyweight Champion really is good.

John Morrison's Losing Streak/Contract Expiry

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    If you're reading this, that means you've passed the first test: going beyond the headline to find out why a streak that ended a couple weeks ago will lead to the downfall of John Morrison in this match.

    The reasoning is simple.  Morrison has been buried by many over the past number of months and it may have to do with his contract expiring at the end of November.  As far as we know, there isn't a new contract in place, and Morrison could very well be out of the WWE at that time.

    Why would it make sense to put the belt on Morrison when we (and the WWE) don't have much planned for him?

    He is a phenomenal athlete, but his mic work really brings him down.  It doesn't help matters that he and his girlfriend, former WWE Diva Melina, were at the center of backstage heat for almost the majority of their WWE careers.

    Since he couldn't beat Cody Rhodes whilst Rhodes was in street clothes nor Ziggler only in an elimination tag match, common sense would dictate that Ziggler won't spend long in this match and that he'll plan on coming at Morrison, something that doesn't bode well for the Shaman of Sexy.

Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger

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    Excuse me?  Did i really have to say it?

    Having Vickie Guerrero in your corner is a big advantage.  First of all, she provides a presence at ringside that can throw Morrison off his game.

    Secondly, a Ziggler loss means he has to deal with her moaning and complaining for a very long time (or when Ziggler wins another belt).

    On the Swagger front, he might be occupied by being in the elimination tag match.  Without any other commitments, Swagger could take a beating in that match, possibly get eliminated from the match and be too injured to come out and support Ziggler.

    Then again, Ziggler (or Guerrero) could persuade Swagger to take a dive on the tag match and focus on helping Ziggler retain the title, or Swagger could gut out the match and still make it out for the US Title match; it all depends on where the match falls into place in terms of scheduling.

    Swagger helped Ziggler retain the gold against Zack Ryder at Vengeance, and it could be two-for-two this time around.

The Zack Ryder Factor

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    Ryder has been wanting a crack at the title since losing at Vengeance, so much that he started a petition. reported that interim RAW GM John Laurinaitis denied the petition, saying that "he is going to have to gain many more than 15,000 signatures before (he) considers giving him another opportunity to compete for the United States Championship."

    Upon hearing the news that Morrison would be challenging Ziggler for the US Title at Survivor Series, Zack Ryder sent out the following on Twitter:

    "This Sunday Night...NEW YORK CITY...MSG...SURVIVOR SERIES...@HEELZiggler defends the US title against........@TheRealMorrison? #makesnosense."

    It's not to say that Ryder would come down to ringside to take away the Guerrero/Swagger equation and allow Morrison to win the title, but we all know Ryder would feel much better if he took the title from the man who beat him last month at the Vengeance PPV.

    It will come to a head sooner or later, but as for right now, Ziggler will retain the United States Title at Survivor Series.

    What do you think?

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