Iowa State Shocks Oklahoma State, Plunges BCS Standings into Chaos

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Iowa State Shocks Oklahoma State, Plunges BCS Standings into Chaos
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Wow. That's really all that anyone can say and think right now after witnessing perhaps the most monumental upset of the season. 

The Iowa State Cyclones defeated the Oklahoma State Cowboys 37-31 in double overtime, effectively ending the Cowboys' national title hopes.

Heisman hopeful Brandon Weeden threw for over 400 yards and three touchdowns, but came up short in the second overtime, as his pass over the middle was tipped by Iowa State linebacker Jake Knott and intercepted by the Cyclones secondary. 

The Cyclones then handed the ball off to running back Jeff Woody three straight times, finding his way into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown.

This game had huge ramifications for both teams. The Iowa State win made the Cyclones bowl-eligible, and gave them their first ever victory over a top-two team.

As big as this victory was for Iowa State, Oklahoma State's defeat had an even bigger impact on the college football landscape.

The Cowboys were seemingly fated for a national championship game matchup against LSU. Their defeat completely alters the BCS championship picture and pretty much just turned this season on its head.

With the Cowboys now no longer undefeated, only two teams in country have perfect records—LSU and Houston. LSU is a lock for the national championship game if it runs the table, as expected, (though Friday night's upset is a reminder anything can happen in college football).

The Conference USA Houston Cougars, meanwhile, will almost certainly not be given a shot at the title (you decide for yourself whether that's right or wrong).

So, that leaves a bunch of one-loss teams vying for the second spot in the championship game—Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Oregon and Stanford. Which one of them is most deserving is a matter which will be debated for the rest of the season and, in all likelihood, afterwards as well.

One thing's for sure though: Iowa State may have gotten a monumental win against Oklahoma State, but in doing so they plunged college football into chaos (again). Exactly the way it was meant to be.

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