Jordan Farmar Frustrates Me

Michael Del MuroCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2008

Dude, seriously?

You're complaining about your role in the offense? Seriously?

You want to, what did you say, "I want to have decision-making opportunities, but if that's not in their plans right now, I can't let what I want go over what the team wants," but your game all season and for a good part of last season, shows that you really don't want to be a point guard. You want to be a shooting guard, but one who handles the ball for 14 of the 24 seconds on the clock.

Yeah, I hear you. You're "young." Got it. And I know you are a supposed gym rat. It's shown in your jump shot at times, but not lately. But other than an improved jump shot, name one area in which your game is better now than it was when you were a rookie back in 2006? 

That year you took the starting job from Smush right before the playoffs. He was perhaps the worst point guard defender on the Lakers since, um, well since Chucky Atkins. Then you lost your starting job to D-Fish, who although unable to move laterally, was still a more capable defender than you.

Now, your defense is as bad as I've ever seen at point guard for the Lakers.

Your idea of defense seems to be to gamble for steals, or "funnel" your man into open space in the middle of the key, which leads to foul trouble for your defensive stopper. Instead of watching tape of Steve Blake, or Kirk Hinrich, who although a bit taller each are much less athletic, you seem to have learned from Smush and now D-Fish. That has to change.

On offense, you don't move the ball. Your assist to turnover ratio is 1.73, which is eighth on the Lakers. You have started bricking layups, and your jump shot has disappeared. I'm sure these things will return sooner rather than later, but for how long? A week? A month? When will you disappear again? March? April? MAY? 

All I'm asking for is some consistency. Maybe it's hard for you to be a part of the triangle offense. But the team's better on both ends of the court in a half-court game than in a run up and down game that you like.

The time to prove yourself is now.

Be part of the team. Don't be above it like it's been rumored. Run the offense. Catch and shoot. Move the ball when covered. Stay in front of your man on defense. Get steals by playing intelligently, not gambling and putting pressure on your big men. That's how you'll succeed for the Lakers. That's how you'll get a decent size contract at the end of the year.

Good luck, Jordan.