Intrigue, Conspiracy and a Great Story May Have Gotten Gene Chizik a Job: Part 2

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IDecember 18, 2008

I had no way of knowing last night when I put the first part of this article out that it would take on a life of it's own or the number of sites that would pick it up and run with it, comment on it, fight over it, or somehow find my email address to write me personally about it.  You can see it at here if you missed it.

I have gotten thanks and hate mail from Auburn fans.  People have offered me the dumbest theories to go along with this post and others have called me a liar or worse.  Some have said concrete facts I presented were falsehoods, such as whether or not Jimmy Sexton was even Chizik's agent.  That happened at least a dozen times.

I had a person call my cell phone that asked questions, they wouldn't identify themselves.  Reverse search of the number revealed an Auburn Athletic Dept. phone number.  (And no, I won't divulge it.)

Since I've written the article, I've wondered why all of sudden Pat Dye has come back to the forefront of Auburn athletics and published letters to fans and the "Auburn Family." Why is Jacobs leaning so heavily on Dye to restore order? 

Dye suddenly is everywhere spouting that Chizik is the best hire Auburn could have gotten.  He was on the radio syndicated "Paul Finebaum Show" on Wednesday, building up everyone who had a decision in the hire, and blaming Nick Saban and Jimmy Sexton for all the trouble that came down at Auburn.

Dye said things like, "The Houston Nutt thing was put out by Jimmy Sexton, his agent."

He said someone told him Nutt had been offered $4 million. "That's a lie. I knew (Jacobs) wouldn't touch Nutt with a 10-foot pole. Jay said: `I haven't even thought about (Nutt).' I asked Frank Broyles about it and he said: `That's Jimmy Sexton. He did the same thing when Houston was out here with the Nebraska job. He did the same thing with Tommy last year with Arkansas and Texas A&M.'"

“Nick is Jimmy’s fair-haired child,” Dye said. “I do have a problem with some of the stuff that goes on, you know, behind the scenes to create [controversy] and a lot of it is coming out of Memphis, Tennessee that is being orchestrated in Tuscaloosa.

“When Auburn is having problems and there is controversy going around, it don’t hurt Alabama. It hurts Auburn, and what hurts Auburn is good for Alabama…”

“There is a pattern there. Any time you can create some question and doubt there and controversy in who they are hiring,” Dye said. “Anything negative that comes out about Auburn helps Alabama as far as recruiting is concerned.”

Doesn't this smack of "Thou protests too much?"  Is he creating a smoke screen?

Then there is the list of names being bantered around for assistant coaches. Why are so many of them old Pat Dye people?  It doesn't take a genius to see that Pat Dye's fingers are going to be all over this new regime.  Is he going to be football adviser, pain in the neck, or quasi-coach to Chizik?  Time will only tell.

Somehow in my original article, I left out all the Pat Day innuendo because I didn't know then and don't completely now understand his role in all of this.  There is something out there and I'm sure it will all come out in time.

The first article spelled out the main players who were easiest to identify, but just like Watergate, we're left wondering who the mysterious man might be.  Personally, I have my money on Pat Dye being "Deep Throat" in this version.