Maple Leafs-Bruins: Total Disgrace for Toronto

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IDecember 18, 2008

What in hell kind of hockey is that? A disgrace at its best.

Would you not think that five goals would be enough to win a hockey game?

Yes, but only when you have a five-goal lead in Toronto's case.

From what I see, there are a few things that the Leafs can do:

Get rid of Kaberle while the going is good. It is quite obvious that No. 15 does not want to play the way the coaches want him to play, or he has no more interest in playing for Toronto.

Kubina is not playing defence whatsoever. So the coach can do whatever with this guy—he can shoot a puck, that is about it.

The Leafs have options with goaltending.  Send Curtis Joseph someplace,anyplace, please! He was good in his prime, but now he needs to go!

Bring up Pogge and play him until he is blue in the face, no matter what happens.  Set Toskala on his ass riding the pines until such time that he understands—he is not the only goalie who is on display.

One good game out of six is not what you want out of a goalie who is making the kind of bucks he is making.

I said it before this season started for the Leafs: .500 hockey will not put you in the playoffs.

The Leafs will come up with a good defensive game now and again. But that is only because they are playing another defensive-coached team.

One more thing I will say before I leave my keyboard in frustration—the Leafs must stay away from the stupid cheap penalties. Take a man with you if you are going to the box.

It is quite obvious to me and I am sure to millions more that if the Leafs are having the full of their butts to win hockey games with five players on the ice then they sure as hell are not going to win any games when shorthanded, five on four or five on three.

Ron Wilson will have to get these bunch of guys to stop running around in their defensive zone.

Here is the picture in the defending Leaf end of the ice:

One player between the two D, and four Leaf players in the high slot.

Two Bruin players behind the D screening Toskala, two other Bruin players skating around with the puck on the outside, making all the plays.

How in hell would a team expect to win hockey games with that type of zone coverage?  Come on, Ron!