Tim Tebow Video: Watch Hugh Douglas Admit He Has to Go to Church for Being Wrong

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Tim Tebow’s game-winning 95-yard drive in a 17-13 stunning upset of the New York Jets is sparking a huge debate about his potential career, but the only thing that’s for certain is Hugh Douglas will be in church on Sunday.

On an earlier episode of ESPN’s First Take, the former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end promised he would go to church on Sunday if Tebow powered the Denver Broncos to a win over the Jets on Thursday.

After some inspired defense by the Broncos and a horrible error by Eric Smith, Tebow has been marked as the hero yet again for Denver.

Inspire as he might, Tebow is not the coach.

Eventually, a defense will shut him down and Tebow will be forced to beat someone through the air. Even so, he should enjoy his fame and fortune for now. He’s an incredibly smart player with the ability to recognize his many faults on the field.

The last 20 yards that Tebow gained in Thursday's game pale in comparison to the miles that Douglas will have to travel to the Saint Matthews Baptist Church in South Jersey, which he admitted he’ll be attending on Sunday. I’m sure the distance will be worth traveling compared to listening to Skip Bayless carry on about Tebow’s immortality.

Don’t get me wrong, Skip knows his stuff. However, he’s a little caught up in the moment with Tebow and there’s only one way to take him off his high horse.

The Broncos have to lose—bad.

For now, Douglas will take the trip to church.

In some alternate universe, Tebow and Skip are sharing a hypothetical high-five.

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