Fact: Signing Prince Fielder Would Make Giants the National League Favorite

Scott RussellContributor IINovember 18, 2011

Could you get used to this?
Could you get used to this?

 Free agency is one of the most exciting times of the season for many.

The possibilities are endless and imagination takes over, but Giants fans know better than to expect to see a star coming to the Bay Area like fans can in New York or Boston.

But what is to say the Giants won't go out and sign a star like Prince Fielder?

Sure, the team wants to save cash for Timmy and Cain, but after an attendance explosion there is cash flowing. Giants general manager Brian Sabean has already added Melky Cabrera to the opening day roster, doing so without spending money in the free agent market where talent gets price-inflated like bottled water.

The majority of fans agree that Melky Cabrera is not savior of the offensive woes, although he does add a run producer with speed at the top of the order.

Fans want to know that the Giants are serious about contending. And while pleasing fans should never lead to a signing, the Giants have talked about acquiring one free-agent for years. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Prince Fielder.

Can you imagine watching Prince Fielder joking around with Sandoval while flinging balls into McCovey Cove during batting practice?  

Can you imagine the balls being sent into the Cove during the games?

The signing would immediately give the Giants the strongest middle of the order in the NL West. Posey batting third with Fielder in the cleanup spot followed by Sandoval sure as heck would scare the pitching in the NL West.

Fielder is a player that Sabean should seriously consider throwing the bank at.

The Giants front office often stays on the ropes while making the risk-free moves, but Sabean has a chance to deliver the knockout blow to the rest of the league. If the Giants sign Fielder, they would become an instant favorite to win the World Series. Take a look at the potential lineup:


1) Cabrera CF

2) Sanchez 2B

3) Posey C

4) Fielder 1B

5) Sandoval 3B

6) Schierholtz RF

7) Belt LF

8) Crawford SS

9) Lincecum SP

Looks like a contender. What do you think?

So Brian, if you are reading this, please do me a favor and don’t think about the money that Fielder and agent Scott Boras (the main obstacle in my opinion) want.  Think about an offense producing so many runs that every pitcher in the league will want to play for the Giants (including Lincecum and Cain).

Imagine McCovey Cove rocking for the first time since the Bonds era.

Think about the pressure taken off Aubrey Huff and the rest of the veterans being expected to generate career numbers.

Brian, you have the full support of Giants nation to take the team to new heights. Make the move before the price is pushed up by the rest of the market.

Approach Prince Fielder and transform the Giants into the National League favorite.