Dan Hawkins Predicts 10 Wins in '09: Bowl Game Watch Guide for Buff Fans

Stuart WhitehairAnalyst IDecember 18, 2008

Coach Hawkins calls for a 10-win season

In a Rocky Mountain News article on Dec. 16, Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins was quoted as forecasting for 2009, "10 wins and no excuses."


My first reaction was one of shock. For a team coming off of three-consecutive losing seasons, including a 5-7 effort in 2008, forecasting twice as many wins next season seemed like a stretch.

For a coach with a disappointing (to put it mildly) 13-24 overall record at CU, predicting 10 wins in 2009 seemed to be the coaching equivalent of donning a flight jacket and declaring the end of hostilities in the North division of the Big 12.

The Buffs face seven 2008 bowl teams in 2009, and 10 wins, including a bowl game victory, would require defeating four from the following ‘08 bowl-eligible group: Colorado State; West Virginia; Kansas; Missouri; Texas; Oklahoma State; and Nebraska (in addition to assuming victories over Miami (Ohio), Wyoming, Kansas State, Iowa State, and Texas A&M).

If the Buffs don’t live up to their coach’s prediction, the quote will be repeated over and over again as the Dan Hawkins era winds down in Boulder. A bold statement, indeed.

On reconsidering the forecast, though, I believe it to be a masterstroke by a renowned motivator. What better way to capture the attention of his young team as they slog their way through December conditioning drills instead of preparing for a bowl?

In fact, why wouldn’t you want to set your goals high? Most of us were looking for a winning season in 2008, and the Buffs came up just short of having that opportunity. What’s "just short" of 10 wins? Any Buff fan you know who wouldn’t take a 9-4 record in 2009—right here, right now?

I am a true believer in motivation being a huge part of the college football game. It’s cold in Boulder right now, and the Buffs’ main rivals, Colorado State and Nebraska, are relishing bowl opportunities.

Want to get inside the head of a 19 year old in the weight room? Tell him you believe he is on the brink of greatness. Tell him that extra rep or extra hour of film will make the difference between a good season and a great one.

Well done, coach!

Plus—at http://www.cuatthegame.com, every bowl game—which teams Buff fans should be cheering for!

Go Buffs!