Professional Sports: The New "Wild West!"

John C. Sease, Jr.Correspondent IDecember 10, 2016

Remember the old cowboy movies when families headed West with the wagon train?

The wagon train would eventually find an open parcel of land and decide to make this new find their permanent home.

However, with this new land, there was a steep price to pay.  The price was simply a new beginning of lawlessness that would spread throughout the town.

Renegades and rustlers would sweep through the new town delivering their brand of recklessness and disregard for the law. There was no one willing to stop them as a result of extreme fear or possible retaliation by the renegades.

Occasionally, you would have one person that would disregard his safety and attempt to stand up to the renegades.  However, one person could never curtail the rampant lawlessness that was delivered by the wild bunch of reckless tyrants.

Thank goodness those days are long gone!

Er…uh…wait a minute…those days are still here in full effect!

Unfortunately, professional sports have maintained a level that rivals the Old Wild West.

The current sporting arena (regardless of the sport) is practically the only working environment whereas normal societal rules do not apply.

For instance, in the “real world,” a contract is binding and an ordinary citizen would have an extremely difficult time breaking a contract that was signed by that individual under full knowledge of the terms.

Oh…but not in professional sports!

Athletes are continuously allowed to make demands to renegotiate during the term of their contract and will often threaten to sit out if the terms are not re-negotiated.

In the real world, imagine telling your boss that you refuse to report to work unless he puts your favorite brand of soap in the restroom.  How long do you think you would have your job?

Also, we constantly witness athletes in all sports have tirades and tantrums with their coaches while the game is being played.

Once again, in the real world, imagine cursing and yelling at your boss in front of his or her boss, your clients, and all of your co-workers.  Again…how long do you suppose you would have your job?

Athletes are allowed to publicly disrespect the fans, disrespect the team, and disrespect the players on the team.

I ask again…if you disrespected a client, your company, or workers within the company in a public forum, how long would you keep your job?

The problem with today’s athletes is they are allowed to act in a manner similar to the renegades and rustlers of the Old West.  They can go through town ignoring the law and ignoring rules because they are deemed special by the public.

Well…I have a solution that would remedy the spoiled athlete.  From this point forward, every athlete in every sport would have to complete the following:

1.      1. In the offseason, they would have to work a full-time shift at a coal mine, assembly line production plant, or food-processing plant for minimum wage.  This would keep them grounded and remind them it is a privilege to play a sport and make millions.

2.       2. They would be required to sponsor a different fan for each year of their contract.  They would be responsible for paying the fans’ living expenses for the entire year of the sponsorship.  This would ensure that the athlete is reminded daily that the fan pays for their massive contract.

3.       3. They would be required to perform 100 hours of community service each year of their contract.  This would ensure that they are constantly reminded that the majority of the public is not as fortunate and must live with humility each day.

I believe that once theses parameters are implemented, then sports will become a pleasurable entertainment outlet for us all; instead of the lawlessness that is reminiscent of the Old Wild West!

Until then, I’ll just continue to watch the renegades and rustlers run the asylum without regard for any laws, rules, or regulations.

Yippie Kay-Yah!!!!!!