Tim Tebow and Denver Broncos Making Believers out of Critics with Win over Jets

Mike MoraitisAnalyst INovember 17, 2011

Tim Tebow is quickly becoming a winning quarterback with an improbable style.
Tim Tebow is quickly becoming a winning quarterback with an improbable style.Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

Tim Tebow may have been the grim reaper of the New York Jets 2011 season.

Tebow was downright bad for the majority of the game, once in awhile sniffing an accurate throw that his receivers would drop anyway. The Broncos squandered several gifts of field position from the Jets, seeing their one-dimensional, trick-play offense being shut down.

Without an interception return for touchdown by Andre Goodman, we wouldn't even being talking about this.

But that's where it seems divine intervention comes into play for Tebow, where it seemed when only the hand of God could help him, that's exactly what he got.

Tebow led the Broncos on an improbable 95-yard drive down the field with a combination of quarterback sneaks and a few passes. He single-handedly won the game for Denver in another heroic, last-minute drive during what is quickly becoming, "Tebow time."

Dare I say, it was miraculous.

It seems whenever somebody says Tebow can't do it, he does exactly the opposite.

I know at some point in your head during this game, you thought, "there's no way Tebow will ever score a touchdown on the Jets defense."

But he did. So deal with it.

For another week, Tebow defied all the odds and did exactly what critics said he couldn't.

The most iconic picture of the night was the Broncos quarterback "Tebowing" on camera after the winning touchdown. Just for a minute, it was a sign of victory and not ridicule.

As much as his critics don't want to admit it, the man deserves some credit for this win. Since he's been taking the snaps, the Broncos have resurrected their season from a failure, to a possible playoff opportunity.

If Tebow can continue his miraculous run, he will start making believers out of all of us. I must admit, I'm slowly becoming one of them.